MommyCon :: The Natural Parenting Baby Registry

The Natural Parenting Baby Registry

We’ve compiled a list of some of the baby registry items we believe natural parents will need for a newborn.From breast pumps to cloth diapers, we’ve got your baby covered from head to bottom.

Cloth Diapers

Natural Parents love cloth diapers; they are eco-friendly and reusable. Disposable diapers can get expensive. You can choose from hundreds of unique patterns and styles. For more detailed information, you can check out our blog posts on MommyCon Guide To: All-In-One Cloth Diapers and MommyCon’s Guide To: Cloth Diaper Accessories. Two brands we love are Smart Bottoms and Charlie Bananas. Purchase your Smart Bottoms cloth diaper here and Charlie Bananas cloth diaper here.


Changing Pad

Does your little one get a little handsy while you are changing them? We absolutely love this Snoofybee changing pad because it keeps their hands above the waist so you can quickly freshen up their bum. Purchase your Snoofybee changing pad here.


If you are looking for a wipe made for sensitive skin as well as chemical free, look no further. Water Wipes contain 99% water and a drop of fruit extract while Bloom Baby has a unique textured surface area that “clears instead of smears.” Purchase your Water Wipes here and your Bloom Baby wipes here.

Diaper Pail

Ubbi is a diaper pail that cuts down on odors using powder-coated steel, rubber seals and a sliding lid with a childproof safety lock. It can be used with ordinary trash bags or reusable cloth liners. They come in an array of colors and the newest is rose gold! Purchase your Ubbi diaper pail here.

Advanced Breast Pump

The Evenflo Advanced Breast Pump is portable and easy to carry. It is created to match hospital strength and has controls for multiple combinations of speed and suction so it feels like breastfeeding. The Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump Kit comes with multiple “velvety soft” flange sizes, with even more sizes available, so breastfeeding doesn’t hurt. Purchase your Evenflo Advanced Breast Pump here.

Nursing Pads

To avoid leakage while nursing, Bamboobies created washable nursing pads. These pads were made for moms by a mom. They are made from ec0-friendly material and are ultra soft. Soothe chafed nipples from breastfeeding with these super-soft bamboo rayon velour pads. Purchase your Bamboobies nursing pad here.


Don’t want to get up in the middle of the night to comfort your little one? Arm’s Reach has created a co-sleeper that is so versatile it can sit next to the bed or rest on the mattress. The retractable legs slide under the frame and the adjustable heights allows it to fit on all beds. Purchase your Arm’s Reach co-sleeper here.

Baby Carriers

There are so many options for babywearing in this day and age. A few options include soft structured carriers, ring slings, stretch wraps, and soothe shirts. It can be hard to figure out exactly what will work best with you and your baby. To learn more about which is right for you, you can see our blog post on Babywearing Newborns to Toddlers. Some of our favorite brands include Ergobaby, Baby Tula, Moby, and Lalabu. Purchase your Ergobaby soft structured carrier here, your Baby Tula ring sling here, your Moby stretch wrap here, and your lalabu soothe shirt here.



Diaper Bags

When you’re out and about and need something to carry all you’re baby supplies, diaper bags are the way to go. Created for the caregivers of today, they are all inclusive with many new features to hold everything you could need while also being stylish. Petunia Picklebottom is very popular brand for moms who need versitility and Ju-Ju-Be’s XY is a collection of hip, trendy and affordable backpack diaper bags made for dads. Purchase your Petunia Picklebottom diaper bag here and your Ju-Ju-Be XY diaper bag here.