MommyCon :: MommyCon NYC Day 1

MommyCon NYC Day 1

VIP day at MommyCon NYC flew by! Speakers talked about building community, babywearing, breastfeeding and reading in the home.


Attendees checked out their VIP Gift Bag items while waiting for sessions to start. Josilyn Adams and her friend Tasha Leiman were amazed by the goodies they got. Adams said “Anyone who didn’t do the VIP option is going to be disappointed; it’s like Christmas!” She said her daughter will love the toy from Hasbro and even gave herself the hashtag “BestMomEver.”

They also took advantage of the Event Elements we had set up. Olga Scarlett loved the Huggies Babies and Music Area. She said she “couldn’t attend if it wasn’t there because I don’t have anyone to watch them and my daughter needs something to play with.”


Cornielia Belgrave is attending her second MommyCon and brought her son with because she is breastfeeding. They have been together since he was born and this is “one of those places you can bring a baby and not worry about them being loud or upset. Everyone get’s it because they’ve all gone through it.”

After the sessions ended, we had the JuJuBe PLGTG. A couple attendees went to a lot of trouble to get to the party. Kathy Kish almost didn’t make it because her car broke down. Her partner said to go to the party and she would wait by with the car.

Another attendee totally thought it was worth it coming from Maine because she won in the raffle. Crystal Giordano and her husband drove six hours, took a ferry and the subway to get here. Giordano said that the best part about JuJuBe is that “even when I feed frumpy from mom life, I still feel stylish.”


See you tomorrow for a full day of sessions, speakers and surprises!