MommyCon :: Michele’s Top 5 Brands from JPMA

Michele's Top 5 Brands from JPMA

Back Buddy

The minute I sat down and felt how this pillow made my back feel I was sold. The Back Buddy is an amazing, comfortable back pillow that gives you support during breastfeeding or anyone sitting in a chair for an extended period of time. Not only will it help aid in breastfeeding but it will take away any discomfort sitting in any chair for long periods of time. I wanted to bring one home with me!



Greentom Classic Stroller

I was ecstatic to finally meet the team of this amazing company. The Greentom Classic Stroller is able to grow up with its passenger. It comes as Carrycot (for newborns), Reversible (for the little curious ones) and Classic (for pre-schoolers). Not only is this stroller made of compeltely recycled plastic, it is super light and cute! This stroller was created with the right details for functionality and ease.


The Nanit is a smart baby monitor which allows you to see your baby at any angle. This product won an innovation award at the show for combining the most advanced and secure camera with research-based sleep science. It’s chic camera stand or wall mount connects to your phone via the Nanit app so you can see your baby on any device.  Some key features are temperature sensors, a night light, and a private social feed to share with family and friends.





I loved seeing all of Fridababy‘s products but was especially excited about the MediFrida. The MediFrida delivers the full dose through a soft, familiar pacifier that sends medicine to the side of the cheek. It is a great product for kiddos that hate taking medicine. I can’t wait to buy one of these for my own kids because my daughter hates taking medicine and spits it out or gags on it…the MediFrida will solve both of these problems.


The highlight of the show was the Pillowsheets, which are designed to cradle your baby in a snug embrace mimicking the womb environment. With my son almost ready for a big boy bed, the Pillowsheet is going to make this transfermation much easier and cozier. When I put it on his crib mattress to try out, he bounced on it, hugged it and laid on it for an hour. He has slept through the night since. I have to buy a second to send with him to daycare!