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Wear All The Babies! Baby Wearing Newborns to Toddlers

Babywearing was not a big thing in my family or social circle while I was growing up. Actually, my sister wearing her first child is the first time I can even recall seeing someone babywear, and that was only around 9 years ago! When I had my first daughter 2.5 years ago I thought I would go ahead and get a carrier, but I didn’t think I would use it much. I learned pretty quickly how awesome and easy babywearing made life with a newborn. I also learned quickly how many different carrier styles are out there, and how addictive they are to own. (Up there with cloth diapers. Haha!)

As my daughter grew older I found it was easier to wear her instead of using a stroller. Because of this, I slowly began acquiring carriers and now have around 8 in total. From newborn to toddler I have a different kind of carrier to fit my babywearing needs. Below are just some of the more popular options when it comes to baby wearing from infant to toddler. If you want to learn about or even try out different carriers you should see if you have a local Baby Wearing International (BWI) Group in your area. BWI Chapters


Wraps are great for every stage of babywearing. A stretchier wrap, like a Moby or Solly Baby Wrap, is great for the newborn/infant stage. A woven wrap is great for older infants to toddlers. (Woven Wraps are also great to use for belly wrapping when pregnant!) They come in many different lengths, patterns, and materials. There are even Wraps that you can wear in the water! Another great thing about wraps are the different carries you can use such as front, hip, and back. Some of the advanced carries I have seen look like art! Some Wrap carry examples from BWI

Ring Slings

Are another great option of carrier that can be used from newborn/infant to Toddlerhood. Just like wraps you can get a Ring Sling in different types of materials as well. Again, you can even get one you can wear in the water!

Soft structured buckle carriers

From companies such as Tula, Ergo, Kinderpack, Lenny Lamb, and more there are A LOT of options. Some, like a Tula Free to Grow or an Ergo Adapt, can be worn starting around 7 lbs. to 45 lbs. Which for some families will last them from infant to toddlerhood. Other soft structured buckle carriers are specifically made for infants or toddlers, and are made specifically for front, side, back, or forward-facing carries.


There are other carriers that are just as amazing as the above three options. Onbuhimo’s are really great for back carrying older children. Meh Dai carriers, a buckle free wrap/tie carrier, is great for carrying children between 8 lbs. to around 35 lbs. in either a front, hip or back carry. Then you have the Baby K’Tan carrier which gives you the feel of a wrap, but doesn’t require buckles or the need for you to wrap.

My Baby Wearing Experience 

My own babywearing adventures started out with a Baby K’Tan carrier. I quickly acquired a Meh Dai and Moby wrap to use as well. At home I would use my wrap and when I was out and about I would use my Meh Dai or K’Tan. When my daughter was around 5 months old my husband started to show interest in wearing our daughter so I started to look into soft structured carriers. We purchased an Ergo Adapt, and both my husband and I have worn our daughter in the Ergo all over the place. Once my daughter turned 2 years old she became squirmier in the carrier so I got a toddler Tula since they have a bigger panel to keep her more contained. Even while pregnant with our second child I wore my toddler so she could get as much snuggling in as she wanted/needed. Now that our second daughter has arrived I have added a Beachfront Baby ring sling to my collection, and I use it mostly right now for the newborn/infant stage.

I have grown to love babywearing so much. The fact I can bond with my child, breastfeed, be hands free, and carry both of my children if need be is a godsend. (There are also baby carriers for kids to carry around their toys just like mom carries them!) I also love learning about babywearing in different cultures, and discovering different babywearing communities. To me babywearing makes life easier, and with children anything that makes life easier is a must have. Haha!

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