MommyCon :: Duck Rolls: A Winter Recipe

Duck Rolls: A Winter Recipe

I love cooking in the winter. Sure, cooking in the summer is wonderful. At our house, there is always a bounty of fresh vegetables at our fingertips, ripening in the backyard under the warmth of the sun. But meals in the summer usually consist of fresh salads or something grilled quickly. There is nothing like winter foods. They are the ultimate comfort foods, filling up the body on a cold day, nourishing our spirits as well.

Instead of a traditional soup or stew, I wanted to share with you this easy recipe for utilizing fresh duck, harvested during open hunting season. We try to cook using as many in season ingredients as possible.

When Robb and I first started dating, one of the first things I learned about him was that he loved duck hunting. He often regaled me with tales of the duck-based goodies he created after a morning of hunting. During our first year of dating, he fixed me meals made with goose, swan, wild turkey, and deer. But no duck. I always just figured that he caught too-few ducks and that he had earned the right to enjoy them on his own. After all, he is the one getting up at 3 or 4 in the morning and sitting in a blind in the freezing cold while I’m still snuggled in bed.

We’ve been dating a little over three years now and I’ve finally been able to enjoy a few duck dishes. But nothing compared to the duck bombs (as I have dubbed them) Robb fixed a few days ago.

There is no recipe really for this. To be honest, I’m not sure if Robb even knows what he did. He cooks instinctively, which is something that impresses me. He throws this-and-that into a pot, no measurements. Sometimes the food turns out delicious, sometimes the dogs get a large dinner that night. These duck  were a definite win.

He used a mallard and a wood duck, breasting them out to get 4 breasts. He pounded the breasts thin and then marinated them in Allegro and garlic for 24 hours (simply because he forgot to fix them the night before). After marinating, he rolled the duck breasts up with a sliver of jalapeno, smear of cream cheese (about 2 tablespoons) and wrapped them in bacon.

He cooked them in a grill pan in a mixture of onions, olive oil, garlic, and jalapenos for about 10 minutes  or until medium rare and tender.

We served the duck breasts with asparagus (marinated in garlic and Allegro as well) that was oven roasted until tender.


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