DaddyCon 2018

The first inaugural DaddyCon was a big hit this year!


Jeremiah Reynolds, a stay at home dad came to DaddyCon this year because his wife got tickets and he thought, “oh, that sounds awesome!” He was most looking forward to the sessions on raising a daughter and being a stay at home dad. The best part about taking care of his daughter everyday is that he gets to see all her milestones.



Another attendee was grandfather Scott Brosseau. He thinks the convention is great for parents as an informative tool to learn new things. Brosseau really enjoyed spending time with family and as he watched his grandson in the play area, he noted, “How can you not have fun watching these little people?”



Dads got to experience everything from dancing to hanging out with their babies. Mike Prange challenged himself by busting out some moves with twins in a baby carrier. “The session was good, informative and fun,” he said. Over in the DaddyCon Lounge, First time dad Jason Pardo sat down and gave a bottle to his mini me before returning to the sessions he found very useful, with information he wished he knew before she came.


Dads joined their wives to do a little shopping in the Exhibitor Hall. This was Aaron and Heather Biglow’s first MommyCon experience. They have always done baby wearing because then their sons are not running around. “We can keep track of them; it’s less work wearing the kids than chasing after them,” Aaron said.

We were ecstatic to see how many fathers showed up and enjoyed themselves at the convention. We can’t wait for the next DaddyCon!