DaddyCon 2018 The Dad Games

On Sunday, March 4th, dads gathered in the DaddyCon session room for the first ever Dad Games. There were four rounds with a final competition between the winners of each round plus two wild card dads. The first round was to test the dad’s skills on changing a diaper and putting on a onesie.


Round two challenged fathers and their organizational skills. They had to pack a diaper bag, with only one item per compartment.

To win round three, contestants had to properly tie a woven wrap carrier, complete with a baby inside.


For the fourth round, dads were required to maneuver a stroller in multiple ways including collapsing it, buckling in the baby, and changing the handle from back to front.

In order to win it all, the six dads had to race retrieve one of only four baby wraps. Then there were only three babies and two diaper bags. The final two had to push the stroller across the room, take the baby out of the carrier, place it in the stroller, buckle it up and drive it back across the room.



The winner was Sergio Uribes. He thought it was exciting and intense. “The most challenging part was getting the carriers at the beginning of the final round,” he said. His wife made the decision for them to go to the convention and to sign him up for The Dad Games. They were very excited for all they got, but Uribes believes “the stroller and extra carrier will help a lot.”


The turnout was amazing and we can’t wait to see what will happen in 2019!