MommyCon :: Rest and Relaxtion Room at MommyCon 2018

Rest and Relaxtion Room at MommyCon 2018

Rest & Relaxation Lounge supported by Kid CoArm’s Reach and Crescent Womb.

An all day event like MommyCon can be a little draining for everyone in the family. The Rest and Relaxation Room helps you take a load off when little ones (and grownups) need a minute to decompress.

Over stimulation can be conquered with this event element! Little one’s can sleep, and adults can kick back in this quiet space dedicated to safe sleep, and relaxation for the entire family.

Kid Co was the first to introduce metal safety gates to the US about 20 years ago. They create safety gates, child home safety products, as well as travel and outdoor gear. 

Arm’s Reach is a Co-Sleeper brand bassinet that promotes bonding and enables parents and infant to sleep better. 

Crescent Womb is a sleep system that reduces risks associated with early infancy. The breathable, elastic material helps baby self-soothe while increasing breathability and reducing the risk of over-heating and suffocation.