MommyCon :: Huggies Changing Stations at MommyCon 2018

Huggies Changing Stations at MommyCon 2018

Changing Stations presented by Huggies, supported by Snoofybee, and Ubbi.

At every MommyCon event, we host lots of caregivers and their little ones. With that comes lots of little bottoms that need to be changed all day long. Thanks to some help from our partners we have created beautiful changing stations for our attendees and their little ones.

Did your baby use more diapers than you expected? Run out of wipes? Thanks to a little help from our partners we have changing stations ​with diapers and wipes provided by Huggies. With so many people attending the event, things need be organized so of course there will be diaper organizers as well as wipe dispensers.

Snoofybee changing pads are provided to reduce the hassle of little hands getting in the way. To keep the stink at bay, we also have Ubbi diaper pails next to each station. Caregivers can easily dispose of diapers without having to smell them all day.

Huggies is a diaper brand that makes products that feel like a hug. We are proud to partner with them at MommyCon events this year to provide our attendees with products in our changing stations and restrooms.

Snoofybee is a changing pad developed to help with diaper changes that keeps baby’s hands out of their diaper zone. Test it out for yourself in our changing station.

Ubbi is a diaper pail  that cuts down on odors using powder-coated steel, rubber seals and a sliding lid.