MommyCon :: Event Elements for 2018

Event Elements for 2018

Babies and Music Area presented by Huggies
Little one’s can play to the beat of their own drum in this area dedicated to the freedom of expression through play and music.
Babywearing Lounge supported by Cybex, Didymos, Lalabu, Tekhni Wovens, XOXO, Ergobaby, Moby Wrap
The Babywearing Lounge features the ultimate babywearing selection from woven wraps to soft structured carriers and everything in between. The master babywearing educators that staff the lounge will guide you through proper baby carrier usage, and assist you in finding a carrier (or carriers) that are right for you and your family.
The Cloth Diapering Resource Center, is an all-encompassing cloth diaper area specifically designed to help educate families in cloth diapering from birth throughout toddlerhood.
Changing Stations presented by Huggies, supported by Snoofybee, Ubbi
Thanks to a little help from our partners we have created beautiful changing stations ​with diapers and wipes provided by Huggies.
ezpz Mealtime Lounge
Ms. Dawn takes a hand-on approach to teaching parents about childhood nutrition, and gives families realistic tools for getting their little’s to eat new foods.


Dad Lounge supported by Naked Panda/Tough Ruck, Renzo’s Vitamins, Smarty Pants Vitamins, Charlie Banana,  XY Bags
Dad’s can kick back and relax in the Dad’s Lounge. They can learn about products from a variety of brands. The Dad Lounge will be at Pasadena and Orlando.
The Evenflo Feeding Lounge serves as a safe, comfortable and quiet place to feed your child away from the crowds. Whether you need to use a pump, your little one needs a little bit of downtime, or you just want a comfy place to sit back and nurse your baby, The Evenflo Feeding Lounge will provide you with a tranquil area to give your little some one-on-one attention.
Photo Printer and Postcard Station

Photo Printer: Capture your memories at MommyCon 2018! Like a photo booth but better! Upload your photo to Instagram or Twitter with a public profile, using the hashtag #MommyCon(CITY) and pick up your print at the photo station.

Postcard station: Send some love from MommyCon in 2018 with our free postcards! We’ll even drop them off at the mail for you, just provide postage.


Rest & Relaxation Lounge supported by Kid Co, Arms Reach
Little one’s can sleep, and adults can kick back in this quiet space dedicated to safe sleep, and relaxation for the entire family.


Sleep Consultation with Rebecca Michi
Rebecca will be in Pasadena and San Diego. If you are reading this, chances are you are sleep deprived. Attend a sleep consultation with Rebecca and figure out if you can all be getting more shut eye.

Snack and Wellness Station supported by Bloom Baby, Happy Family, Lifeway Foods, Plum Organics, RXBAR, Don’t Go Nuts, Smarty Pants, Sprout Foods
Don’t let hunger get you down. Snacks for all ages, dietary restrictions and more can be found in our Snack and Wellness Station. Plus, you will find vitamins and wellness products for the entire family.
Vagina Village, an area of empowerment for women who are looking to embrace their inner goddess. Alluring, feminine and sensual, this intimate setting and offers our attendees the chance to get close and personal with feminine care products, and engage in small group sessions with experts in the field of sexual and reproductive health.
​With wipes that are 99.9% water, it’s no surprise that Water Wipes is providing all of our attendees with water this year. Grab a sip at one of our water stations throughout the event.​

*Post will be updated with 2018 photos after MommyCon Chicago