MommyCon :: 10 Winter Activities for the Family

10 Winter Activities for the Family

Winter is here! That means rain, snow, cold and kids underfoot. Here are 10 activities to do with your whole family. It will help cure cabin fever and bring you closer together!

1. Enjoy the snow! If you live in a snowy area, have fun! Have a snowball fight, build a snowman, catch snowflakes on your tongue, so sledding! There are so many things to do in and with the snow. For smaller kids the simple act of being out in the snow is enough!

2. Go to an indoor play place. Indoor play areas are popping up everywhere! Trampoline centers, gigantic bounce houses, indoor arcades and play structures. If you do not have any of these, a good old fashioned fast food play place will do! Play with the kids or let them wear themselves out while you rest and relax.

3. Go to an indoor swimming pool. What fun is it to swim in nice, warm water during winter!

4. Visit a museum. There are a ton of children’s museums all over the country. The hands on play will excite the imagination. Get in there with your kids and have fun! There are plenty of non hands on museums for the whole family to enjoy!

5. Go on a train ride. Find a close town and enjoy a train ride. See the scenery. Bring a card game or coloring pages to help entertain the little ones.

6. If you do not have snow, make some paper snow flakes! Children of all ages enjoy this, especially adults! Decorate the window with snow.

7. Cozy up with your favorite childhood book. Have your children pick out theirs and go on a journey with your imagination.

8. Make home made s’mores in front of the fire place. No fireplace? No problem! You can easily cook s’mores in the microwave. Pro tip, place a small cup of water inside the microwave to keep the marshmallow from exploding.

9. Grab some board games and cards and have a game night! From go fish to clue, there are games for every age!

10. Make a dessert. Have everyone help make the treat and enjoy the deliciousness with everyone!

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