MommyCon :: 10 Ideas for a Kid Friendly New Year’s

10 Ideas for a Kid Friendly New Year's


Ringing in the New Year is always a highlight in our house. Reflections, resolutions and especially new memories! It can be a wild fun time spent with family and friends or a quiet night at home snuggled up watching Netflix. We have done it both ways and enjoyed them both.

For us, 2017 was a life-changing year seeing as we welcomed our third child into the world! But with that being said I cannot wait to see what 2018 has in store for us!

Before kids I always enjoyed going to parties with friends, watching the ball drop and ringing in the New Year with the traditional new years kiss. But let’s be honest here, three kids in and I can barely make it past nine o’clock. And well ‘let’s just say that I’m asking for a torrential meltdown if I try and keep my two year old up until midnight.

But this is still a big deal, right? Kids still need to be included and learn the value of celebrating New Year’s, but at less of a sacrifice. So last New Year’s Eve we started doing a Countdown to Noon! “Noon Year’s Eve”, if you will. It’s a little goofy, but sounds a lot better than letting little ones stay up late and paying the price the next day. Basically, all you do is ring in the year at noon instead of midnight. It’s a win-win for momma and kids!

With that said, all of these ideas are great whether you choose to do them early or later. I hope these ideas will help get your party on!

  • Mocktails

No kid’s party is complete without fancy drinks! They just need to feel like a sophisticated grown up once in a while. Our go to drink? Welch’s sparkling juice poured over cotton candy. Some other great ideas? Put pop rocks in sprite, virgin margaritas made with real fruit, carbonated water with gummy bears, the possibilities are endless. Like I said, it doesn’t really matter what goes in the glass, as long it’s a fancy looking. And don’t forget the cheers! Cheers to a new year!

  • Glow Sticks

Light up the night! Have kids cover themselves in glow sticks. Set the table with glow sticks around the plates, the base of their fancy drinks, and as table centerpieces. You could even tie glow sticks to your ceiling fan to make your own dance party!

  • Memory Jar

Have the kids write down their favorite memories of the year. Then put them in a jar and read them right before the hats go on and the horns start to blow. You could even make a game out it and guess who wrote what memory!

  • Karaoke Contest

Need I say more? It’s a sure hit for guests of all ages!

  • Confetti Poppers

Kids love anything that makes noise, looks pretty and makes a mess, so why not throw in some DIY confetti poppers?! Have kids decorate a toilet paper tube, attached a cut balloon to one end with tape, insert confetti in the other side and viola, a noisy, messy, and totally awesome confetti popper. (You can thank me later for this one. Ha-ha).

  • Vision Boards

I love to make vision boards and while my two year old doesn’t quite understand, our oldest (who is 9) really enjoys doing them with momma. We like to plan out what we would like to see, receive, accomplish, places we’d like to go, things we’d like to try, etc. in the upcoming year. We cut pictures and words out of magazines and glue them on a poster board. This is a great bonding experience for us and allows me to learn about his hopes and dreams.

  • Minute to Win It Games

One of my favorite things to do with a group of kids is make up and play minute to win it games, inspired by the Minute To Win It game show. For instance, you could play a game of ‘pop the confetti’. Fill 5 balloons with confetti, sprinkles, or fruity pebbles per team/player. Player must pop all 5 balloons in the allotted time using just their hands (so no teeth, booty, etc.) while wearing thick winter gloves.

  • Countdown Bags

Beginning at 7 or 8 o’clock, you countdown until 12 with small gift bags for every hour. You can fill the bags with activities to do (like card games, coloring sheets, etc.), or goodies (like candy, toys, etc.).

  • Silly String Fights

Ok, don’t hate me for this one but what’s better than a silly string fight? You could even combine this with the glow sticks to make for a laser tag spin off. Sounds like some fun momma might get into as well!

  • Photo Prop Booth

Take some hilarious photos with photo props (mustaches, glasses, feathers, etc.). This would make your night a memorable one and the kids will LOVE swapping out the different props to make silly faces with. Props can be purchased in stores or you can find some great free pintables on the Internet!

I just have one resolution for 2018 (because let’s be honest, that weight loss resolution is done with by day two) but it is to be more present in my child’s life, not just exist in it.

Whatever you choose to do just have fun and celebrate!

And as far as resolutions go, don’t beat yourself up over them. I just have one resolution for 2018 (because let’s be honest, that weight loss resolution is done with by day two) but it is to be more present in my child’s life, not just exist in it.




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