MommyCon Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Caregivers & Parents

Finding a gift for new parents or caregivers can be difficult. Here are some ideas that can help them in their day to day life of being around children!


Baby Carrier- the gift that keeps on giving

Everyone needs a helping hand- and for some, a baby carrier is just what they need. Baby carriers are available in a wide range of prices so they can work with any gift giving budget you may have. You can choose from a soft structured Carrier, ring sling, wrap, etc. So many options! Can’t decide on one? Maybe grab a gift card from a babywearing retailer and include a note with the gift card stating the purpose you purchased it for!


A night out… or in!

Let’s face it; taking care of kids is hard work. A date night on the town can be few and far between for parents. A great gift idea is a gift card for dinner and maybe even offer up babysitting on top of that! You never know how appreciated that gesture could be.

Maybe a night out isn’t feasible for them for whatever reason- a date night in can be a cute gift basket idea! Throw in a gift card for a takeout restaurant, a bottle of wine, and maybe a snack or Netflix gift card too!


The Gift of Relaxation

A gift card to the local spa or a gift basket full of self-pampering goodies can be a great gift idea for them to de-stress after a long day with kids. A gift basket could include things like bubble bath, a bath bomb, shower gel, lotion, a candle, a face mask, maybe some new slippers, and some chocolate or their favorite snack. This can be as simple or as extravagant as you’d like!


A helpful hand

Sometimes a gift doesn’t even have to be something you purchase. If you’re giving a gift to a new parent or a caregiver, maybe they just need some help. You could make some freezer meals, offer to help around their house or run some errands. Doing something like this can give them more time to themselves for ever important self-care, but it could also give them time to nap. New parents will never say to a nap!


MommyCon Tickets

Now this one is a no brainer- MommyCon tickets are a great gift to give to any parent or caregiver! We welcome everyone at our events and they’re perfect for not only education and support in your parenting journey, but the exhibitor hall offers so much shopping! You could also gift the Dads a ticket to DaddyCon!