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Kid Friendly Holiday Cookies


One of my favorite memories growing up, was baking, decorating and delivering plates of cookies to our friends and neighbors. My mom would turn on Christmas music, and we would make treats all day. It was officially the holidays, once we had our annual baking day.

Carrying that tradition on with my own family, is really important to me. And even though my kids are little, they still love being involved in the fun of baking. But, baking with little kids can also be overwhelming! Its messy, their little hands want to be a part of everything, and it can make things take twice as long. Its sometimes daunting to even think about taking that all on, especially with the craziness that already seems to accompany the holidays. Today I am excited share some tips that make holiday baking kid friendly.

My first tip, go semi home-made! I use a store bought cookie mix, that way all I have to do is add egg and water. For me, it takes a lot of the stress out, knowing I just have to mix it up. And it doesn’t have to sit, like some traditional sugar cookie dough, so it saves time too.



My next tip, Use large, silicone topped cookie cutters. These are really sturdy, they don’t bend or move much, and the tops are nice and easy for little hands to use. They are plastic on the bottom, so you don’t have to worry about cuts or scratches, either. I also let my son pick out all the shapes we used, to make these cookies.


Tip number three, get down on their level. Instead of mixing, rolling, and cutting at the counter top, we did it at the table so everything was right at my sons level. He didn’t have to stand on a chair (which makes both of us nervous) and he was able to move around easily when he wanted a little break.


My next tip, let them do their own thing. I can’t say I am proud of this, but I often find myself wanting to step in and  fix what my son is doing, if I don’t feel like he is doing it “right”. Something I am forever working on, is letting him be independent and let me know when he needs my help. This is the perfect activity to foster that! It is also great to work on life skills. Like using a spatula to frost the cookie, shaking the sprinkles, and to learn about colors and patterns. I really enjoyed stepping back and watching my son, while we were doing this It was fun to see his though process, how he selected the designs he did, and how proud he was of his finished cookies.


My last, but most important tip, have fun!! This is a memory that my kids are going to take with them, and hopefully pass on to their own family. So turn on some music, dance, and laugh. Let go of all the stress and worry, and enjoy every second of baking with your little ones!



I hope these tips are helpful to you! And make it easier to get in kitchen and whip up some yummy treats with your family this holiday season!




About the author: Aryn is a Wife, Mama and Certified Lactation Counselor. She shares her musings on motherhood, passion self love, breastfeeding tips, along with her favorite products on her blog With Cream and Sugar. You can keep up with her musings on motherhood and daily adventures on Instagram