MommyCon :: MommyCon’s HoliYAY Giveaway

MommyCon's HoliYAY Giveaway

The holidays are so exciting with new traditions to be made, gifts to be given, and time spent with family. Team MommyCon would love to wish you “Happy Holidays” but with a little pizzazz. And with that, we bring you the “HoliYAY Giveaway” in collaboration with some wonderful sponsors! One lucky winner will receive ALL of the prizes listed below- over $1000 in value!


Abby’s Lane Gift Card

Abby’s Lane is an exhibitor at our events. They are a cloth diaper and baby carrier retailer with so many goodies to choose from! When you enter to win our HoliYAY Giveaway, you are entering to win a $50 Gift Card to spend on whatever your heart desires at Abby’s Lane!





Applecheeks Cloth Diaper Bundle

Applecheeks will be sending the winner their One-Size Bamboo Little Bundle (cover + insert) in the winner’s choice of available solid or print. With so many solid colors and adorable prints in their line-up, there’s something for everyone!





Bessie’s Best Lactation Cookies

In the prize package, you’ll be entering to win 1 dozen lactation cookies, 1 pound of granola, and 1 loaf of pumpkin bread- all to help your milk supply!



Bubbly Moon Naturals

You will be entering to also receive Bubbly Moon Naturals’ Refreshing Sea Clay & Shea Butter Deodorant. These are a 1 oz size and you can choose between Unscented, Lavender, or Citrus.







Winning this giveaway would mean you would own your very own “Bad Mom” shirt from Chunkabuns. And let’s be honest…. This shirt is pretty rad.







As we’re heading into cold and flu season, who doesn’t need a Crane humidifier? The winner will have their choice of in stock drop or adorable humidifier! Perfect timing, right?






Don’t Go Nuts

The winner of the “HoliYAY” Giveaway will also be winning a 22ct box of Gorilla Power! These are perfect for caregivers and kids on-the-go!







Who doesn’t want an Ergobaby Omni carrier? I don’t know! But the winner of the giveaway will be getting one for themselves!




Evenflo Feeding

After you finish enjoying your lactation cookies from your prize pack, go ahead and relax while pumping with an Evenflo Feeding Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump. Then you can use your new Evenflo Balance + Wide Bottles and Evenflo Balance Pumping Adapters.





Your baby’s bum is also covered because if you win, this prize pack also contains a GroVia Hybrid Trial Kit and a O.N.E. Diaper. As the winner, you can choose the color/print of your O.N.E. Diaper.






Happy Family

If youo win this already awesome prize pack, you’ll also be getting a Just For Baby Gift Set with some yummy, organic goodies!



Kindred Bravely

The French Terry Scoopback Nursing & Sleep Bra will be so comfortable to lounge around in and for easy nursing!





From Lalabu, you’ll be able to choose between an item on their website. They’re most known for their Soothe shirts which promote bonding.




Little Balance Box

Your little one will love scooting the Little Balance Box across the floor. You’ll be receiving one with green feet if you win the “HoliYAY” Giveaway!






Mabel’s Labels

With the holidays here, you’ll need some stocking stuffers, return address labels, and gift tags. The lucky winner will be getting a gift code to personalize these items!



 Moby Wrap/Petunia

Not only will you be getting this beautiful Petunia backpack style bag, which is called an Axis Backpack, but you’ll also be getting a Petunia Deluxe Kit and a Moby Evolution Wrap in Charcoal!






Re-Play Recycled

Who doesn’t want to try and be more ecofriendly? By entering the giveaway, you have the chance to win an entire Crayon Box Set from RePlay, which contains 6 flat plates, 6 divided plates, 6 bowls, 6 sippy cups, 6 drinking cups, 6 sets of utensils, and 6 snack pods with lids.




If you win the giveaway, you’re also entered to win a Pump&Nurse Set, which includes a Pump&Nurse Bra and Pump&Nurse Tank. The style, color and size is the winners choice.





Sleep Baby Owl

Because we all know sleep is a hard thing to come by, you can also win a 45 minute sleep consultation. This package is for ages between 4 months-6 years old. You will get a phone consultation, during that time you’ll go over the sleep assessment form together and discuss your child’s sleep struggles thoroughly.




And now for the fun part. If you love everything in the giveaway, enter! All of this will go to ONE lucky winner! Don’t forget to spread the holiday cheer and share the giveaway with your friends!



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