MommyCon :: MommyCon’s Guide To: Cloth Diaper Accessories

MommyCon's Guide To: Cloth Diaper Accessories

Cloth diapers are a wonderful eco-friendly option to diapering your baby. While cloth diapering may be a little difficult to understand at first, MommyCon would like to help navigate you through the journey! In this MommyCon Guide, I’m talking about cloth diaper accessories.


What cloth diaper accessories are needed?

“Needed” cloth diaper accessories are different for everyone. While one family may feel a diaper sprayer is a necessity, another family may feel it’s a luxury. For me, these are my top 5 cloth diaper accessories:

  1. Wetbags
  2. Diaper pail
  3. Diaper Sprayer or Spatula
  4. Liners
  5. SprayPal


Wet Bags

Wet bags are truly my must-have product. They are PUL lined bags that are for dirty diapers while you’re out and about. The heavy duty ones can trap in the stinkiest of stinky diapers while being stored in the diaper bag for a day away. Wet bags come in different sizes and patterns. You’re sure to find the perfect size for you to use for a few hours out of the house or all day. Even better? They can be used after the diaper days are over! I really like to use them for wet swim suits in the summer time.


Diaper Pail

A diaper pail can be as simple as a trash can designated for diapers or a fancy diaper pail, made specifically for diapers. You’ll need a place to store dirty cloth diapers until wash day and this is a fantastic solution to keep them in one place. With the diaper pail, you’ll also need at least 2 pail liners. Pail liners are basically PUL trash bags that can be washed and are waterproof. If you’re worried about stink, I suggest adding a Fresh Wave pack into the bottom of the pail.




Diaper Sprayer

Cloth diapers are fun and all…. until the baby has peanut butter poop. Poop that just won’t plop off and is no longer exclusively breastmilk poop needs a little something extra. For this- I love my diaper sprayer. There are many diaper sprayers on the market to choose from but you can also go the DIY route and make a sprayer from the materials found at your local hardware store. If a diaper sprayer is not in your budget, I have heard people of using a poop only spatula that they hand-wash after using.



Liners can be disposables or reusable. I prefer the reusable fleece liners. They help keep stains off of my diapers (better resale value!) and they make it a tad bit easier to spray poop off of the diaper. While they can’t always contain the poop on the liner, they do hold a fair amount. Liners also keep the fabric off of baby’s sensitive skin. This can be helpful with organic materials since they don’t wick away the moisture- a fleece liner will do that!




I have done quite a few Spray Pal reviews in the past three years- because really, I have no idea if I’d still be cloth diapering without it. Spraying off the poop is a cloth diaper reality. After all, the first question people usually ask is, “What do you do with the poop?” For some people, this means dunk & swish. For others, this means having a designated poop scraper. For many, it’s the sprayer attached to the toilet. The sprayer can be a little messy so the Spray Pal saves my bathroom time after time.