MommyCon :: ABC Recap 2017

ABC Recap 2017

ABC Recap 2017

Five products that surprised me during ABC 2017.


The new XOXO Lite carrier priced at $99 that is lightweight and can be used in and out of water. This warm weather carrier will be perfect for the upcoming summer months… the very distant upcoming summer months.






Be Pumped from Ju-Ju-Be. Once I tried a JJB bag, I wondered why it took me so long to try one out. These bags are machine washable which makes them an ideal choice for your diaper bag. One of their newest styles is the Be Pumped which took their classic Be Prepared and expanded the interior pocket so that it could be used seamlessly as a breast pump bag.





Weekender from Logan and Lenora may have stolen my heart with it’s built in wet bag, machine washable features and it’s ample size. This would be a great bag for someone who likes using a purse organizer, but still have ample room for all your needs.







The Hallmark Baby line was a real standout and caught me off-guard. The heirloom feel of the collection paired with modern trends is not only cozy, but really chic. The wall-hanging may find its way into our office, as it’s more décor than baby.





Green Toys dough in a variety of playful colors has a great texture and comes with great shapes and cutters. Many natural doughs aren’t as vibrant as the kind we grew up with, but this dough delivers on texture and the great assortment of colors.