MommyCon :: Six Clever Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Six Clever Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Listen, we get it…

Mommin’ is hard. Mommin’ during the earlier parts of the school year with the holidays coming up?

Even harder.

So it’s okay that you may have forgotten to put together a costume for Halloween this year. And to help you out, we’ve come up with six clever last minute Halloween costumes that are sure to get some admirers. Not so time consuming (let’s face it: we’re limited!) and you’ve probably already got the materials in your house!

Beach Boy or Girl

Gather up your summer items such as towels, sunglasses and bathing suits for the perfect summer in autumn ensemble. Be mindful of the temperature as it may get a little chilly outside!

Picnic Table

This super fun costume may require a bit more planning, although with little ones you’ll probably already have most of the materials. Start saving empty drink boxes, bags of chips and/or snacks. Using a large enough cardboard box to cover the top part of the wearer’s body, wrap and secure with a plastic tablecloth of your choice and then cut out holes for arms and head. Glue down paper plates, forks and spoons for table settings. Add either play food or old wrappers and empty drink boxes with glue!

Sports Player

Got a uniform that’s intact? Add your sports equipment and voila! You’ve got one of the easiest costumes ever! Go team!


Pots and pans? Check! Mixing spoon? Check! All you need now is an apron and perhaps a hat for a great chef costume.


You can also use your apron with a notepad, pen and menu from a local restaurant so you can properly take orders this Halloween.


There’s a reason this costume is such a classic! Tried and true, the ghost costume is ridiculously easy. Grab an old white sheet and make holes for eyes, nose to breathe and mouth. Totally doable!!

And there you have it! Six clever halloween costumes that may have been last minute, but definitively first place worthy!

Ms. Ashley is the early childhood enthusiast and play advocate from the Atlanta area. For more information on her work, visit