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Babywearing For The Win


Have you ever had a moment that you were like “Thank goodness I’m babywearing!” Yeah, me too. There are just so many instances where I would not have been able to complete a task, no matter how big or small, without a baby carrier strapped to me. It has become so important to my daily routine that I have a baby carrier stashed in my car, in my husband’s car, and then a few in my house for “just in case” moments. I never know when I might need to put a kid on my back!


As a mom to three, I had to start babywearing the little one from birth. It wasn’t really an option, but more like a necessity. He was always in a ring sling or wrap while I was getting lunches together, getting the “big kids” to get ready for school, and running errands. I only had two hands- I wouldn’t be able to hold everyone’s hand in the parking lot if I had to actually carry the baby too! But I’ll be honest. I loved having my baby close so it wasn’t a bad thing to babywear all the time. (I could sneak in the newborn baby smell throughout the day!)



Currently, the “baby” is 2 years old and guess what? I still use my baby carriers daily. Sometimes he just needs some cuddles and that extra closeness that babywearing provides. But sometimes, it’s more for my sanity. A trip to the grocery store would take twice as long if he was in the cart. Volunteering just wouldn’t be possible if I was trying to run around and chase him. Grabbing take-out, that would just not be possible if I had to carry the food and the baby. Babywearing makes my life easier. Babywearing for the win.




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