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MommyCon Guide To: All-In-One Cloth Diapers


Cloth diapers are a fantastic way to not only save money while diapering a baby, but they’re also a great way to be ecofriendly.  Cloth diapering can be a little intimidating at first because there are so many options, so many brands, and just so much to learn.  We want to make the process of finding a cloth diaper that works best for your family a little easier. One way we do this is by having The Cloth Diaper Resource Center in the exhibitor hall at our events. Another way we try to make this easier is by having a Cloth 101 class at our events. And now, we’ll be putting together guides to cloth diapering and other natural parenting topics.

*If you’re unsure what type of diaper your family will like best or what will work best on your baby, it doesn’t hurt to try a few that you may like before committing to a large stash of one type or one brand*


What is an All-In-One cloth diaper?

All cloth diapers need to have two things: they need an absorbent layer and a waterproof layer. An all-in-one cloth diaper, or AIO, is simply that- a diaper that is all in one piece. They don’t need to be taken apart or put back together in between washings. Depending on the brand, they come in both hook and loop (velcro) and snap closures.


Advantages & Disadvantages of All-In-One Cloth Diapers

Like every option out there, there are advantages and disadvantages. With an AIO cloth diaper, you’re looking at a very convenient option. It’s easy to use, easy for other caregivers to figure out, and easy to just pack up and go. Because it’s one piece, it’s also just one thing to purchase. The downside? Because they are so easy and convenient, they’re also more expensive than other options. Another disadvantage to point out is that they can also be more difficult to wash and dry. With so many layers, it’s easier for stink to get trapped if you don’t have an effective wash routine.


Our Favorite All-In-One Cloth Diapers

We love cloth diaper brands so it’s hard to pick one specific all-in-one diaper, but it’s also because each AIO diaper will fit babies differently and at different stages. What works for your baby at 4 months old may not work the same way when they’re 14 months old.

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Cloth diapering doesn’t have to be hard, especially if you have your village behind you! Have questions? Join our MommyCon BFF Community Facebook Group and we would love to not only help guide you, but support you through your cloth diapering journey!