MommyCon :: 5 Family Friendly Activities In Atlanta

5 Family Friendly Activities In Atlanta


I moved to Georgia from the Bronx, New York in 2009. Right before my daughter’s 4th birthday. One of the first things I thought to myself was “there is so much to do in NY, what can i do with my daughter in Georgia?”

So I explored; and found that there were 5 things we really enjoyed doing.

Taste of Atlanta

I didn’t discover Taste of Atlanta until 2014. I wish I found out about it sooner. Coming from New York tasting foods from around the world; I’ve become a foodie. What better place to go then the biggest foodie event in Atlanta? Myself, my daughter and one of my best friend went.

We tried everything from fried foods to vegan friendly foods.

There were people everywhere! Including toddlers being pushed in strollers having tastes of delicious food.

Zoo Atlanta

Zoo Atlanta is a cool place for kids. They have so many different kinds of animals, from elephants to naked mole rats. Even giraffes!

They also have small parks where your child can play and feed some animals. One of the coolest parts is the bird exhibit. You get to feed the birds and some of them even land on you and eat right out of your hands.

Georgia Aquarium

This place is awesome! And relaxing. if you love fish and other aquatic creatures, you can literally sit in the GA Aquarium all day long and just stare. The colors are beautiful, down to the pink starfish.

Ad the sea dragons were cool!

It’s quite expensive for one ticket, but trust me when I say…it’s worth it.

World of Coca Cola

I started a new tradition. Every year for my daughter’s birthday since 2014, I take her to World of Coca Cola. Although I personally prefer Pepsi, I thought this place would be cool; and it was.

Learning the history of Coca Cola, seeing all the vintage items like vending machines, games, advertisements, clothing and more!


We watched a short 3D movie about Coca Cola, visited a room called The Vault, and at the end (which is the best part) you get to go to the tasting room. Where you taste different coke products from around the world. Some tasted good, some tasted…well, not so good.

And when it’s time to go, you leave through the giant souvenir store.

With Coca Cola EVERYTHING!

Piedmont Park

Fishing and swimming at Piedmont park. My father used to rent a boat and take us out on the lake to fish. My grandfather did the same. I’ve loved fishing since I was a kid. When my daughter was old enough, I started taking her fishing.

Thankfully, fishing at Piedmont Park is allowed; no fishing license required. They have small docks you can fish off of while you munch on snacks and wait for a tug or your fishing line.

There are tons of family friendly things to do in Atlanta, but these are my top 5.

This guest post was written by Princess. She is a MommyCon Parent Squad Member, MommyCon Blogger Collective Member and part of the MommyCon Media Team. She is also the creator of The Mom In Me Blog. For more, check out her Facebook and Instagram page.