MommyCon :: 7 Must-Have Baby Safety Products

7 Must-Have Baby Safety Products


September is National Baby Safety Month so it’s a perfect time to revisit those important baby safety products you should have in your home. It might be a great idea to add these to your baby registry or to your Amazon wish list before your baby is crawling around the house. You never know when they’ll be on the move and of course you want your little one to stay safe!


Outlet Covers

These seem like an obvious must-have but you’d be surprised how often these are forgotten. Babies and toddlers want nothing more than to discover what these little holes in the wall or for so to keep your little one safe, outlet covers are a necessary safety item. If you have other little ones in the house that have figured out how to take out outlet covers, you can also get a cover that looks just like an outlet but they are self-closing when the outlet is not in use.


Baby Gates

While baby gates are necessary in front of stairs, they can also be super helpful in front of hallways and other room openings. There are so many different types of baby gates for different places in your home, so be sure to know what you’re looking for before heading to the store. The location in your home may need a pressure-mounted gate, a swing open gate, an extra wide gate, or a free-standing gate. There’s so many to choose from and it can get overwhelming. Finding the perfect baby gate will keep your baby out of dangerous areas of the home or will keep them contained into one specific area of the home, depending on the amount of free range you want to give them!


 Baby Monitor

While you can totally parent without a baby monitor, it does ease your mind a little bit. Whether you choose an audio only monitor or a video monitor, knowing what your baby is up to after you leave the room is pretty convenient. There are also baby monitors that connect to your smartphone and baby monitors that track your baby’s movements.

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is a must-have safety product whether you have a baby or not. Although I will admit, I didn’t have one until after a baby was born. Things like a thermometer, little bandaids, infant Tylenol, gripe water are wonderful to always have on hand! You never know when baby might get a tummy ache or will start getting into things and possibly get hurt. It’s always better to be prepared!

Wall Anchors

Most furniture you buy at the store will come with these, but they’re super important to baby safety. Furniture can very easily tip over onto baby- especially once they start trying to pull themselves up to stand. To prevent injury, make sure all of your furniture is attached to the wall with an anchor. Even if your furniture didn’t come with one when you purchased it, make sure you purchase them and get them attached as soon as possible.

Door Knob Covers

While they may not be a must-have for everyone, door knob covers can be super handy once they start to open up doors. They’re especially helpful for baby safety on doors leading outside, bathroom doors, and doors that lead to rooms that aren’t baby-proofed. Oh, and it also helps you get away for a minute when a door doesn’t have a lock. We all need to have 5 minutes of alone time for self-care, let’s be honest.


Cabinet Latches

If your baby will have access to the kitchen or bathroom at any point in their toddling life, I highly recommend installing some cabinet latches. While you may just opt to move plastic dishes to the bottom cabinets and the glass dishes to the wall cabinets, it’s very important that little ones don’t get into cleaning supplies. While a lot of cleaning supplies won’t hurt your child, there are also many that could. Plus, you don’t want them to get the sponge or cloth that has been scrubbing the toilet.


Would you add any additional baby safety products to this list?