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Ghoulish Goodies

Fall is the start of my favorite time of year! With fall comes my kids’ Halloween obsession. From the end of July onward; they eat, sleep, and breathe all things Halloween.

Speaking of eat… I’m going to share two “Ghoulish Goodies” that are fun, easy to make, and are perfect for Halloween.

Pumpkin Fruit Cups

For this treat, you can use regular oranges if you’d like. I prefer mandarin oranges because they’re the perfect size for tiny hands. Gently cut the top part of the orange off. Using a baby spoon, gently scrape between the orange and the peel; loosening it from the peel. You can then pull the orange slices out one at a time. Using a box cutter, make faces in the orange peel. Fill your empty peel with the orange slices and other fruits. Place the top back on the orange and stick a green topper in. I used a green tasting spoon. You could cut a green straw into small pieces, or use mint leaves etc. These adorable little fruit cups are a great way to serve a sweet treat other than candy at your Halloween party. The kids will gladly gobble up this ghoulish goody.

Bone Bread

For the second treat, we’re going the savory route. This spooky snack is sure to be a bone crushing hit! Bone Bread!

Who doesn’t love bread? This bone bread is super simple. Grab yourself some pre made pizza dough, shape it into some bones, bake as directed, and you’re all done. To add some special effects, fill your bread with some cheese. Serve with your favorite red “blood” sauce! This finger food makes a great appetizer for your parties!

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