MommyCon :: The Real Reactions of a Sibling Meeting a New Addition

The Real Reactions of a Sibling Meeting a New Addition

When you bring a new baby home, you may hope their sibling feels as happy as you do. After all, welcoming a new family member is pretty exciting. But a new sibling can also be difficult to handle. For some families, the older sibling (or siblings) react like unicorns and rainbows- everything is a smooth transition and all is good in the world. For others, it doesn’t go so well. My three year old asked for her brother to be taken back when he was a newborn and was taking so much attention. Here are a few more stories from our BFF community members:


From Abigail G-

When Emma was born, Charlie had to stay overnight with a good friend of ours. Emma was born at 621am, Charlie came over to visit a few hours later (ok it may have been a few minutes later but it really felt like forever). My hubs introduced Emma to Charlie and he said “NO sister no sister”, then hid in a corner. The picture is our first day home, after he demanded we take the baby back to the hospital… Fast forward, Emma is currently 3m and he just started interacting with her. I think the first diaper change was a funnier story though, coz he noticed Emma doesn’t have a penis and he said “oh no, where did it go”. I’m still waiting on that magical sweet unicorn moment between the two of them.




From Chelsea A-

Okay, soooo I have a rainbows unicorns and happiness story. It’s true! Haha . My whole pregnancy both big brother and big sister were ecstatic for for their baby sister to come . The day she was born , my mom sent us a video of them saying ” you can do it mommy ” then when she was here my mom brought them to see her . She sent us precious pictures and videos of them the entire way up to the room . And when they got there , they were so In love and in awe of her I think the entire room and time even froze for that moment . 5.5 weeks later they’re still just as amazed by her and in love with her . She may Get TOO many kisses . Okay who can ever get too many? Ohhhhh except we did have a major meltdown when we got home and they learned she wasn’t gonna sleep in their beds with them!




From Becca W-

My then 3 year old, knew we were going to the hospital and were going to bring baby brother home. She had to stay home with her uncle. When she got to come up to the hospital, she was excited to see her baby brother and wanted to hold him right away. She still talks about that day, how she got flowers for mommy and uncle C got her a pink bear from the hospital. (No mention of baby brother..)






From Rhonda C-

I had a schedule c-section. I delivered my son at 3pm so my mom thought it was best to wait until the next day to bring my daughter. My mom had a cold & didn’t want me or the baby to get sick. The next day my daughter asked every hour to come see him. Once she saw him she said he is mine and I’m his. It was the cutest moment. We went home the next day to be with her. 2 days later I needed a nap and my husband helped her do this 😊! I think his face says it all.





From Samantha W-

My son asked if his brother can go back in my tummy because he’s too loud. And then for the next three months proceeded to act like he didn’t exist. “Gideon, is that your brother Ezra?” “No.” “Gideon, where is the baby.” “No baby here.” Now they are 5 and 2, and relatively good friends but it took a good percent of the first year for him to finally decide his little brother was not only or leaving, but to acknowledge him as an actual person.



From Brittany B-

Bryce was 21 months when I had Brock. I was so worried he wouldn’t be able to comprehend the idea of a sibling. I chose to have Bryce in the room when I delivered Brock. I had convinced myself it would be better for him to know where the baby came from then just show up and see one in my arms. He was awake my whole labor and then fell asleep for my delivery but woke up shortly after. I was so nervous when his Daddy brought him to the bed. Bryce was unintentionally a little rough with babies he had been around before. With Brock, it was so different. It’s like he knew. This pic is of the moment he first saw him, immediately after he leaned over and softly kissed his brother on the head. He has loved, cared, been gentle and protective of his brother ever since. They are truly best friends.


Share with us- did your older child react have an “all is right in the world” reaction or were they a little unsure of the new addition? We’d love to know!