MommyCon :: My Experience as a MommyCon Blogger

My Experience as a MommyCon Blogger

Hey! I am Aryn, and I am the blogger behind With Cream and Sugar.

My first introduction to MommyCon was late in 2014, after having my son in February of that same year.  I learned about the event through one of the many online mommy groups I was a part of. The first event I ever attended was in Chicago in 2015. Way back when the entire event was only on one side of the convention center, it has been so much fun watching MommyCon grow!

As soon as I left that first event, I knew that MommyCon was something I had to be a part of.  When they announced they were adding to their Blogger Collective in 2016, I had to apply. It wasn’t something I expected, but I was thrilled when my application was expected! And I am excited to be part of the team in the coming year, and will be attending the Chicago event in 2018.

So what does being a MommyCon blogger mean?

As a blogger, my main goal is to share and promote how amazing and fun the MommyCon events are. I have written blog posts about MommyCon, I interact and engage on their Facebook and Instagram posts, and I am always talking with my friends or new moms I meet about the events.

We also have access to other promotional items like pass along cards, bumper stickers, and posters. I took some of the cards and posters to places I know moms in my community spend time.

The MommyCon team has been so generous, and gives all their media team members a code they can share with their followers, for a discount on tickets. Each blogger also gets the chance to do a fun giveaway for a set of tickets!  So when you get ready to buy yours, be sure and find one of us! Throughout the year, you can also find all sorts of posts related to MommyCon, what to expect, how to prepare, fun things you can do in the city of the event, from the bloggers.

Throughout the year, the team gives us opportunities to write guest posts on the MommyCon blog. This is something I really appreciate as a writer, because it not only gives my blog some extra exposure, but it gives me a chance to write about topics I am passionate about or topics I may not think to write about on my own.

The most fun (in my opinion) part of it, is attending the events! In return for sharing and promoting the event, Bloggers are given a ticket to attend the event in their area. Bloggers are not given tickets to the VIP sessions, but can purchase those tickets. If you go to an event, you will definitely run into at least one of us, having a blast! This coming year will be my 4th year attending MommyCon Chicago, March can’t get here fast enough!

At the event, we are like any other attendee. Excited about the amazing sessions and Shopping! It is also a really good opportunity to network, and make connections with vendors, other parents, and members of the team. Bloggers are also gifted, just like all MommyCon attendees, with a goodie bag full of awesome products and information on the different vendors.

It is always so hard for me to decide what sessions to attend, they are all amazing! In past years, I have worked with the other members of the team, to divide and conquer all the sessions. We each attend one, and then we get together and talk about all the good stuff we learned.

And while attending the events is a blast, the most valuable part of being part of the team, are the connections and friendships that I have made. Each year I add to my tribe. I leave empowered in the decisions I was making, and a reminder that I was doing a pretty good job. How could I not want to share that with others?! I am excited for another year, working with the MommyCon team!

I hope to see some of you at MommyCon Chicago in March!!

Are you interested in becoming a MommyCon Blogger? MommyCon is currently accepting applications for the 2018 Blogger Collective program. You can apply here!

About the author: Aryn is a Wife, Mama and Certified Lactation Counselor. She shares her passion for breastfeeding and self love, along with her favorite mom tips and tricks on her blog. You can follow her daily adventures on Instagram