MommyCon :: DIY Nursery Mobile Under $10

DIY Nursery Mobile Under $10

Decorating Your DIY Nursery

Creating the ideal nursery for your baby is both a beautiful and daunting task.  If you try to buy everything that you pinned to your nursery board, you’d probably have to work every hour of the week for the next few months to finance it.  If you tried to create every DIY nursery project that you pinned, you’d be stuck in the house hashtagging #makersgonnamake until you turn blue in the face. I’ve taken Greyson’s nursery decoration process little by little, and I’ll be blogging about his nursery reveal on his blog for his first birthday.

That’s right… I am just now finishing his nursery as he approaches a year old.  That’s okay.  You know why?  Co-sleeping.  As he is sleeping in his room more consistently and starting to play in his room more, I am excited to complete designing it tailored to his wants and needs.  I love handcrafting as much as I reasonably can for his room.  One of the first things that I made while I was still pregnant was this easy DIY Nursery Mobile.  Let me show you how!

Materials & Tools Needed

  • Tissue Pom Pom Garland (2)
  • Dowel Rods (1)
  • String
  • Screw Hook (1)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors


You can purchase the pom pom garland at Dollar Tree for $1 per package.  A package of mini dowel rods will be less than $5 at any craft store.  Screw hooks can typically be purchased at any dollar store or Walmart for about $2.  You can purchase a roll of string for as little as $1.  This project cost me less than $10, and I already had some of the materials at home.


  1. Take your two dowel rods and form a T or cross with them.  At the center where they meet, tie one end of your string into a knot.  Then, tightly wrap the string around the two rods.  Criss-cross it around the rods until they are secured to each other.  Cut the string from the roll and tie or tuck the end inside the string on the dowels. DIY Nursery Mobile Tiny Green Earthling DIY Nursery Mobile Tiny Green Earthling
  2. Assemble the Pom Pom Garland according to the instructions on the package.
  3. Cut the garland to your desired height.  The longest section of garland that I created was 4 pom poms long. I did this in order to incorporate the length of the string to support the mobile and the height of my son’s crib.
  4. Add pom poms in lengths of 3 or 4 to each end of the dowel cross that you’ve created.  Tie each section securely with their string, and add a dab of hot glue to add extra security.  You can add a row to the center of this setup, as well.  In total, I added 5 strings of 3-4 pom poms to this mobile – one on each end of the dowel rods, and one in the center.
  5. Cut a long piece of string to serve as the main support and secure it to the center of this mobile.
  6. Secure the screw hook into the ceiling according to where you’d like your new mobile to be placed.
  7. Hang your mobile however high or low you want it to suspend from the ceiling, and tie the end of the string supporting it so that it is secure on the screw hook.

DIY Nursery Mobile Tiny Green Earthling DIY Nursery Mobile Tiny Green Earthling DIY Nursery Mobile Tiny Green Earthling

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