MommyCon :: Preparing for Back-to-School

Preparing for Back-to-School

It’s hard to believe the time has come. It’s already back-to-school season! Crayons, backpacks, notebook paper; it’s all about the preparation with sales upon sales! This is my third year with a child in school, so I’m starting to get the hang of preparing for back-to-school and the frenzy that comes with it. It doesn’t have to be chaotic- it can be fun!

First Day Fun

For the past three years, I have really enjoyed dressing up my kids when they go back-to-school and taking photos of them with a chalkboard. It’s been a really fun way to watch them grow through the years and document things like “what I want to be when I grow up.” It’s just really fun to watch how it changes from year to year based on their experiences and interests. This year? I have found adorable chalkboards in the Target dollar-spot that I just need to fill in the information instead of writing it all out myself. (I do not have one artistic bone in my body- so this is amazing!) I love that I’ll be able to use them year after year!


New Clothes

Everywhere you go, you’ll find clothing sales. I love these sales to stock up on jeans, tees, shoes, and sweatshirts. This goes for not only the kids going back-to-school, but everyone in the family! The baby got some new clothes in the next size for next season, I made sure I had a nice sweatshirt for those chilly morning school drop-offs, and I purchased my husband some new jeans and shoes. Of course, the big kids got a lot more though in the shopping sprees between shoes, long sleeved shirts, some short sleeved tees, jeans, and jackets. This mama doesn’t do a wonderful job at laundry through the week, so options through the school year are crucial to my sanity.

Picking a Backpack

My favorite back-to-school prep is finding new backpacks! I love letting the girls pick out their own because it’s a way they can show off their personalities for the school year. Because their interests and favorite colors change from year to year, we get the cheaper backpacks that hold up well enough for a school year but that I won’t feel bad moving to the back of the closet after that. For now, they pick out a new backpack every year until around 4th grade, when we may splurge on a better quality backpack for them to use throughout middle school. I love watching what they pick out, with some guidance, of course.


School Supplies

Now is the time to stock up on pens, pencils, crayons, and art supplies. I know my pens somehow go missing through the year, crayons get broken, and art supplies get used- why not take advantage of the awesome deals?! When I grab crayons for the school supply list, I pickup at least two or three more boxes to add to our own supply box at home. Even if you don’t have kids going back-to-school, it’s never a bad idea to grab a few boxes of crayons and glue sticks. Kids love getting in touch with their creative side and you’ll love the art projects they’ll put together just for you!


If this is your first year with a child going to school, hugs! The first few days can be hard on both the child and the parents but you’ll get through it. Enjoy the school year! Me? I’ll be rejoicing just a bit since we’ll have structure and routine back in our home!