MommyCon :: Meet the MommyCon Orlando Bloggers!

Meet the MommyCon Orlando Bloggers!

Meet the MommyCon Orlando Blogger Collective!

MommyCon is headed back to Orlando on September 2, 2017. Sunny Florida is so much fun! It is my pleasure to introduce you to the MommyCon Orlando Bloggers! They are parenting bloggers who love to share their parenting journeys and help spread the word about the MommyCon community.

Amy – The Magnolia Mom

The Magnolia Mom

Amy is the writer behind The Magnolia Mom Blog a blog that shares Parenthood, Lifestyle and Travel stories. She is wife to Bobby and Mom of two boys Matthew(3) & Jacob (1). They are currently rehabilitating their Farmhouse in Florida, you can see all kinds of Day to Day moments over on Instagram!


What is your favorite thing about MommyCon? My favorite thing about MommyCon is the community! I have met so many wonderful like minded parents at MommyCon, we stay in touch and share daily parenting moments. MommyCon is a also a wonderful place to learn about the newest baby products to make life raising babies easier.

Rachel Barry – Pretty in Baby Food

Rachel is an East Coast Area blogger and SAHP to her 2-year-old daughter and her 4 dogs. She is also currently pregnant with her second child, and is excited to share her family’s journey through her writing.

What is your favorite thing about MommyCon? I love the fact that MommyCon brings together and introduces families to differing parenting practices/backgrounds. You will see families learning about things they may never have been introduced too, such as cloth diapering or babywearing. It’s also a space of acceptance, because we are all just parent’s trying to raise our children the best we can with what we have.

How did you find your parenting community? Other than my own family I actually found the rest of my parenting community after going to MommyCon and switching to cloth diapering. The cloth diapering/natural parenting community is so amazing and supportive of each other. I have not been able to find a community like that anywhere else.

Ivy Boyter – SAHM Plus

sahm plus

Ivy is a Jacksonville, FL native who was married in 2011 and has two children, ages 6 and 1.5. She’s a major advocate of natural birth, considering becoming a childbirth educator when her son is older. Ivy began blogging as a hobby to share deals she found online, but then realized she enjoyed helping her fans through the exhausting journey that is parenting. She shares practical and realistic tips and tricks for marriage, parenting, travel, and more.

What is your favorite thing about MommyCon? I’ve never been to MommyCon, but it appeals to my natural (crunchy) side. As a two-time natural birth mom, and first-time baby-wearer, I feel like MommyCon is the place I need to be.

How did you find your parenting community? Online. I’m an introvert with two demanding kids, so life outside my home is almost non-existent. Online communities help me communicate with others without digging too far into my energy stores 🙂


Julia Clark – Cloth Diaper Geek

Cloth Diaper Geek

Julie Clark is a local blogger living on Florida’s Space Coast. She’s a proud mama to three, including a 14 year old daughter and identical twin sons who are 10. Julie’s been immersed in the cloth diapering and natural parenting community since 2007 and has gone from retailing cloth diapers to blogging as Cloth Diaper Geek in addition to owning and managing She Thinks Media, LLC.

What is your favorite thing about MommyCon? What I love most about MommyCon is the sense of community you feel while in attendance. Even if you’re there alone, you feel like you’re among friends and people who you can relate to. Vendors are welcoming, the sessions and speakers are interesting and inclusive and the shopping is fantastic!

How did you find your parenting community? In the years before Facebook, forums where a popular place for moms to hang out and connect online. I first discovered modern cloth diapers after joining a forum for moms of multiples. Soon after trying my first cloth diapers I became hooked, started a local moms group for naturally minded mothers and the rest is history!

Nichole Dawkins – Hype Girls

Hype Girls

Nichole Dawkins, Nicky, is a crunchy, millennial mama from Miami, FL. Nicky works from home as a full time mom, mom blogger and content creator. She is the founder of HypeGirls LLC, a media and events company. Her blog is a source funny mamapreneur articles and mommy interviews, with an online shop that carries unique products created by other Miami mamapreneurs. Nicky also runs the Miami Mom Bloggers and Influencers group on Facebook. She currently has one crazy toddler, Nasir, who is 2 years old. In her free time she enjoys spending time outdoors, binge watching Netflix and traveling with her family.

What is your favorite thing about MommyCon? I love MommyCon because it is a great way for moms to connect, share information and learn about new products. It also fun for the kids and gives the family something to do together. I hope MommyCon will come to Miami soon!

How did you find your parenting community? Finding other moms and kid friendly things to do in Miami can be really tough. I found my parenting community mainly through social media and online mommy forums. From there I connected with with other mom influencers and created events for kids and moms to do together. Facebook was another great way for me to connect with other moms in my area and share advice and info! That is how I found MommyCon!

Jennifer Hall – Kindness in Demand

Kindness in Demand

Jennifer is the owner of Kindness in Demand, a website dedicated to encouraging kindness towards ourselves and others. She is a stay at home mom to 4 kids ages 5, 4, 2, and 3 months.

What is your favorite thing about MommyCon? My favorite thing about MommyCon is the relationship I get to build with other mothers and great brands.

How did you find your parenting community? I found my parenting community through a play group. I got really luck and met amazing mommy friends.





Alexandria Lawrence – Naturally Made with Love

Naturally Made with Love

Alexandria lives in Floral City, Fl with her hubby, and two kiddos. In her blog her son Samuel is affectionately called Monkey, and her daughter Grace is called Princess. Monkey is 6 & 1/2 years (the half is very important!!) and Princess is 22 months.

What is your favorite thing about MommyCon? My absolute favorite thing about MommyCon is the community. When I walk into the event I think, “These are my people”. There’s no judgement, no worry about strange looks from others. We’re all just parents doing the best we can and celebrating our journeys together.

How did you find your parenting community? I actually found my parenting community through my midwife, who referred me to a lactation consultant, who then got me involved in my local community online! Just around this time last year I was hearing about MommyCon in our Facebook group from these lovely people.


Niccole Mucci – The Creative SAHM

Niccole Mucci is a 35 year old mom, to her sons Geovanni (5) and Sebastian (2). Niccole has been married to her husband Domenick for 9 years. She lives in Titusville FL. When she is not homeschooling her boys, she is busy with her blog The Creative Sahm, watching movies or going to the beach.

What is your favorite thing about MommyCon? I love being able to meet other  like minded moms! I love talking with all of the vendors and enjoy some of the sessions.

How did you find your parenting community? I took it upon myself to make a mommy group, and joined other mommy groups in my area. I have made some wonderful friendships!




Krissy Murphy – Shiawse Life

Shiawase Life

Krissy lives, works and blogs from Sarasota, FL. She is the mommy of one human (Abby, 20 months) and two dogs! She is a semi-crunchy mama who loves babywearing and cloth diapers, and is a huge Disney fan!

What is your favorite thing about MommyCon? My favorite thing about MommyCon is the feel of community! There are so many relevant voices, as well as products, that match our lifestyle. MommyCon is more than a one-day event, it’s a collaborative “place” all year.

How did you find your parenting community? Online! Through MommyCon Facebook pages, as well as local groups online. It’s nice to have a virtual connection for those times you just can’t get out the door, but also nice to meet up with people “in real life” for those special moments.

Lee Palmer – A Geeky Ginger

Lee is in Central Florida and is a wife and mother to two girls, ages 9 & 2 years old. She and her husband practice an attachment parenting lifestyle. Lee is a Babywearing Educator through the Center for Babywearing Studies, she teaches breastfeeding to new mothers, uses cloth diapers, bedshares, and generally focuses on a more natural lifestyle. She has been blogging since May 2016 and has a focus on special needs parenting, as her two children are on the Autism Spectrum.

What is your favorite thing about MommyCon?  My favorite thing about MommyCon is the excellent support and education it provides to the community.

How did you find your parenting community? I was raised with the same kind of parenting that I practice now. I really got involved with my parenting community, though, when my youngest was born through Facebook groups.

Kate Rhoades – The Smother Mother

The Smother Mother

Kate isn’t a regular mom, she’s a cool mom from Orlando,FL who uses a mix of (light) profanity and sarcasm to write about her newbie parenting experience. Her almost 2-year-old, Beckham, AKA: Sour Patch Kid, is the center of all of her stories. Tired of all the unsolicited parenting advice she was getting (you hold him to much, you need to stop breastfeeding, etc.) Kate decided to start a mom blog in hopes of empowering women to not be ashamed to love the crap out of their babies.

What is your favorite thing about MommyCon? My most favorite thing about MommyCon is that you get to be your true mama self without any judgement! Where else can you go and be openly welcome to breastfeed in public?!

How did you find your parenting community? I found my parenting community through trial and error of Facebook groups! After realizing what mom groups I did NOT fit in with, I was able to carve out my own kind of parenting style and share my personal experience as a mother, which attracted other like-minded mama’s. That’s how The Smother Mother community was formed. I love my mom tribe!

Alyssa Waters – Sunshine State Mom

Sunshine State Mom

Alyssa is a mother to three beautiful children ages 8, 5 and 2 who are her inspiration for the blog Sunshine State Mom. Living close to the beaches and Lake Monroe in the historic Sanford you can find them soaking up the sun near the water, sharing stories and Florida adventures.


What is your favorite thing about MommyCon? As a mother to three I love all things MommyCon, it seems like every year the baby and toddler must haves are changing, child safety changes with each kid and I know I will be able to get all the info I need at MommyCon. This amazing event is great for parental support & most importantly it supports us natural parenting mama’s who want/do breastfeed, cloth diaper and keep our little ones close to our hearts through babywearing.


How did you find your parenting community? I became a mother at a very young age & found it hard to find my parenting community, it wasn’t until my second child that I really discovered the big world of babywearing and it wasn’t until my third baby when I really became a part of it. I found my community through events like MommyCon with their support & encouragement to find mothers that shared the same interest for raising their children.


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