MommyCon :: Ergobaby Omni 360: All Positions, No Insert

Ergobaby Omni 360: All Positions, No Insert

Ergobaby Omni: All Positions, No Insert

If the beloved Ergobaby 360 and Adapt had a baby, the Omni 360 would be their child.

The Omni 360 combines the four position wearability of the 360, and the sized-to-fit newborn goodness of the Adapt, and offers a carrier that every caregiver can wear at any babywearing stage.

The part that most first-time parents will rejoice at… this carrier faces outwards. So not only can this carrier be worn without an insert from day 1, but starting at about 6 months old when your baby can sit unassisted and has great head and neck control, you can flip baby outward so that they can see the world. This position isn’t for all babies, or all caregivers, but Omni gives caregivers the option to wear their child in a way that is ergonomic, comfortable and supportive for both baby and wearer. That’s a win-win.

So what does “no insert” mean? Let me break it down for you.

Back in my day as a first time parent, almost all soft structured carriers (SSC or buckle carrier) had some form of an insert. You either had to place a bulky (READ: HOTTTT) insert into place to use an SSC, or you had to snap a bunch of pieces together and hope to god they stayed together. As a new parent, relying on unbuckling, moving things around, and hoping you snapped everything back into a place, was a bit daunting. The evolution of soft structured carriers without an insert became quite appealing. Even after countless releases of SSC’s without the need for inserts, new carriers being made without them is a BIG DEAL.

So what makes Omni special?

It can be worn facing outwards, inwards, on the hip and on the back. Starting at just 7 lbs a baby can be perfectly positioned in the Omni without the use of an insert facing inwards towards the caregiver. From there, the carrier will expand along the waistband to accommodate babies as large as 33 lbs. This gets you well into toddlerhood, just like the Ergobaby 360, but make a note that this carrier will not last as long as the Ergobaby Original or Ergobaby Adapt which will get you to 45 lbs.


Once baby gets to about six months old, the Fourth Trimester is over, and your once snuggly newborn is becoming eager to explore. Their body has elongated, and chances are the newborn position of the Omni is becoming less supportive of their little bottom. Baby should remain in a nice seated position, giving their spine, neck and body adequate support. This is when you adjust the waistband to the middle setting to accommodate them through the rest of their first year. This is also when you can start playing around with facing baby outwards, wearing them on your hip, or moving them to your back. Babies that love to explore the world, will love to take it in from the safe vantage point of being close to their caregiver in an outward position, or on their back.

Baby will continue to be nicely seated in the carrier, knee-to-knee and as their caregiver you should not feel any pull or strain from their weight. The third seat-setting will last you the duration of the carrier’s use. It will allow your baby to be worn in that nice knee-to-knee seated positon up till 33 lbs.

Features of this carrier include a UPF 50+ privacy hood perfect for naps in the sunshine. A non-removable lumbar support (hooray! No more lost pieces) that will keep your back feeling comfortable for the long days of wearing. Crossable shoulder straps that give you the ease of on-and-off usage without feeling you have dinosaur arms (trust me, it’s a real dilemma). The carrier also comes with a detachable pouch that slides on at the waistband so you can keep your phone, keys and chap stick handy. Plus, all Ergobaby carriers are machine washable. To start the carrier will be released in four colors: pure black, pearl grey, midnight blue, and khaki green. If you’d like to pre-order your very own Omni 360 click here. 


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