MommyCon :: Meet the MommyCon Orange County Bloggers!

Meet the MommyCon Orange County Bloggers!

Meet the MommyCon Orange County Blogger Collective!

MommyCon is headed back to southern California on August 12, 2017. We LOVE SoCal and return as often as we can to this beautiful location. It is my pleasure to introduce you to the MommyCon Orange County Bloggers! They are parenting bloggers who love to share their parenting journeys and help spread the word about the MommyCon community.

Ashley Angel – Always Miyuki

Ashley Angel is from Southern California but has lived in many different places due to being a military spouse.  She has one daughter who’s one and a half years old and is her and her husbands entire world.  Besides being a blogger and a mother, Ashley is currently starting up her own business!  She purchased a 1971 trailer and is gutting it out then remodeling into a mobile boutique.  In her spare time she enjoys going on hikes with her family, going to Disneyland and doing arts and crafts.

What do you love most about MommyCon? What I love most about MommyCon is the sessions!  I love reading through the schedule then sitting down and planning my day.  It’s always so hard to decide which ones to attend because they all are so amazing and I always learn so much!

What is your favorite self-care activity? My favorite self-care activity is exercising.  I always feel so amazing after a good workout and it allows me to recharge.


Patricia Bast – Ask Doctor Mommy

Patricia and is a pediatric physician in the LA County area. She is happily married with one son who is almost 18 months old and a light in her life.

What do you love most about MommyCon? I love how MommyCon brings mother’s together to form community.

What is your favorite self-care activities? Getting mani/pedis and massages are my favorite self pampering techniques!





Jacky Kincaid – Crazy Love Laughter

Crazy Love Laughter

Jacky is a mother of two beautiful girls. The oldest is 5 years old and the younger one is just a year old. We love our life in Hemet! She is currently attending school to become a speech and language pathologist. Prior to that she work with special needs children for ten years. She loves the special needs community. Her younger daughter was born with down syndrome, because of her background in special education this diagnosis was a happy surpise and has only continued to be a blessing. She loves reading and all things “techy.”

What do you love most about MommyCon? My first MommyCon experience was the most empowering to me. I wanted to cloth diaper and breastfeed, I wanted to take a more “natural” approach to parenting, but no one around me was very supportive. I found MommyCon and found ladies in my community who cloth diapered and taught me how to babywear. Since then each year, I go to MommyCon to meet new mothers and get my annual fill of positive vibes. I have only met fellow moms or moms to be that are supportive. To me , being supportive and helping build each other up is vitally important and MommyCon achieves just that!

What is your favorite self-care activity? Hmmmm… that is a tough one. I like going for a swim and then relaxing in the hot tub. If the weather doesn’t allow for swimming – hot tub it is. I also love love love make up!

Cary Lovejoy Lawler – Mama Lovejoy

Mama Lovejoy

After facing some of the crazy unspoken challenges that come with being a new mother (and realizing all new moms also had war stories from the challenges they’d overcome), Cary set out to write about what no one tells you about parenting.  She collected stories from parents and tips from Pediatricians, Psychologists and parenting experts, which she shares on her blog. Cary is now a mother of 2 children (3.5-years-old and 10-months-old), living in the Los Angeles area.  Her blog is followed by almost 50,000 people and her work has been published both online in many large blogs and in print in magazines such as Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine, Scary Mommy, OrbitBaby, Good Enough Mother, All4Women, CEO Blog Nation, Vaccinate California, Mamalode and more, and she has been featured on TV talking about Mama Lovejoy with Tyra Banks’ on FABlife. She hopes you’ll join her on this incredible, challenging, magical journey!

What do you love most about MommyCon? I love that there’s so much to MommyCon!  We’ll get to meet new/expecting moms as well as companies from the industry, and there are lots of cool classes I’m excited to check out.

What is your favorite self-care activity? Ha—I’d love to say my favorite self-care activity is getting massages and sleep, but who has time for that?  I really enjoy going for a walk though with the baby… and when I do get a break from both kids, I love writing.

Annie Young – Macaroni Kids Santa Ana

Macaroni Kid

Annie is the Mom Publisher for Macaroni Kid covering the Santa Ana, CA area. She has 2 children ages 6 and 9. Annie is also a full time Special Education teacher, part time Signing Time Instructor, writer, PTA member, and Girl Scout mom.

What do you love most about MommyCon? I love the fact that a Mommy Tribe finally exists where natural parenting families can come together and become a community. It’s lonely sometimes when you are the only one cloth diapering and baby wearing among other things. Having MommyCon brings us all together and helps us feel a bit more comfortable about the choices we make for our family.

What is your favorite self-care activity? My favorite self-care activity is meditation. Being at peace and clearing my mind once in awhile is important in the craziness of my life. I’m on the hunt for tools to teach my kids how to meditate as well.

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