MommyCon Orlando 2017 Schedule and Exhibitor Announcement

MommyCon Orlando 2017 Schedule and Exhibitor Announcement

All events on this schedule will take place at the Caribe Royale Convention Center (8101 World Center Dr., Orlando, FL 32821).  This is a preview schedule and exhibitor list. Additional sessions and exhibitors may be added and will be announced approximately 30 days before the event.

Tickets are available for purchase here and will not be available at the door.

Friday VIP Schedule – September 1, 2017

3:00PM  VIP Registration opens

3:30PM-4:30PM MommyCon Orlando VIP – Toddler Parent Support Group
Speaker: Niki Hughes
Is your toddler driving you up the wall? Do you desperately need adult interaction? Join us for an hour of chit chat where we can commiserate over the toddlerhood adventure. If you BYOB we won’t judge you… really, we will just want to be your friend. SOLD OUT!

Saturday Session Schedule – September 2, 2017

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8:30AM Registration Opens

9:00AM-3:00PM Exhibitor Hours

9:30AM-10:15AM Nurturing the Development of Your Baby’s Brain Through Movement and Exploration
Speaker: Dr. Shannon Davis PT, DPT
As a mother and pediatric physical therapist, Shannon has learned a lot about the development of babies. This class provides an introduction to the development of a baby’s nerves, muscles and brain beginning in utero to age 3. Parents will understand and learn the importance of gross motor activities in the development of the early brain. We will also look at how much a baby needs to move each day to ensure optimal brain development.

9:30AM-10:15AM Acheiving #SuperDad Status
Speaker: Maurice Vernon
Maurice will discuss the importance of a father’s influence on his family and children. How every dad can achieve #Superdadstatus, and that it doesn’t take as much effort as you’d think. Superdad’s goal is to encourage fathers to become active in the development of their children and to never count themselves out or take a backseat. He aims to encourage Dads to work with their wives, partners, and mothers of their children to support the healthy growth and development of the entire family unit.

9:30AM-10:15AM So Much More Than Sensory!
Speaker: Angel Jones
Delve into the developmental benefits to childhood sensory play starting with infants and onto toddlerhood. Understand the cognitive and psychological achievements that occur when we raise “Free Range Kids” with multi-sensory activities. Experience sensory activities proven to benefit and manifest cognitive diversity with tools you can use or make at home! Workshop will also feature a “Sensory Play Table” featuring the Aroma Play Collection by The Whole Life Co. for attendees to discover their own inner-child!

9:30AM-10:15AM I’m a Stay at Home Parent. Now What?
Speaker: Bryttany Hyde
A session geared towards the real deal nitty gritty that is the SAHM/D. Wanna talk real life and how to stay sane when you are singing cartoon songs at brunch, then this is the session for you! An interactive session sharing experiences and coping methods.

9:30AM-10:15AM Babywearing 101 presented by Ergobaby
Speaker: Laura Brown
Laura is a certified babywearing educator as well as an educator and community outreach specialist for Ergobaby. Babywearing 101 is a comprehensive overview of baby carrier safety and an assortment of carriers including the meh dai, soft structured carrier, woven wrap, stretch wrap, hybrid wrap, ring sling, wrap conversion, and custom carrier options.

9:30AM-10:15AM Turning Red to Green – A Menstruation Workshop on Making the Switch to Reusables
Speaker: Kim Rosas
Check your skepticism at the door for this workshop on switching to reusable fem-care by self-proclaimed #vagangelist Kim Rosas. Whether you are cup or cloth curious you will find answers to your most TMI questions about what it’s really like to go green on your period. Kim will be giving a live demo of a menstrual cup insertion and removal using “Virginia,” a clear vagina-like tube. For cloth curious mamas she’ll go over the basics so you’ll be prepared to make the switch. There will be a Q+A at the end. Bring a good sense of humor plus an open mind and you may just become a #vagangelist too!

10:30AM-11:25AM Cloth Diapering 101 with Jenn Labit presented by Cotton Babies
Speaker: Jenn Labit
Join CEO and Founder Jenn Labit as she shares the Cotton Babies story and an introduction to cloth diapering products, wash routines, and accessories that will make your life easier as a parent. This session is a must-see for both cloth-curious attendees and those who are Cotton Babies fans!

10:30AM-11:25AM Redefining Motherhood
Speakers: Amy Appleton and iLana Grostern
Have you ever stopped to take inventory of your life, including the patterns you didn’t even realize you had developed. THAT takes serious mindfulness and conscious living. As mothers, we often don’t make time for ourselves or for our passions. WE are worth it!

10:30AM-11:25AM Groovaroo: Bonding Through Dance
Speakers: Elizabeth Wright
This interactive session will focus on the holistic health benefits for both parent and child that come from babywearing dance. Bring your partner, friends and your baby to groove with us while learning about these benefits. Like the heart to heart bond formed in the womb, babywearing dance synchronizes the wearer and the child while releasing hormones that create a strong feeling of connection and love. The other focus of this session will be demonstrating that dancing can break down walls and build community for both new and experienced parents, resulting in a fun and supportive “tribe” for your family!

10:30AM-11:25AM Birth & Breastfeed & Babywear & Marriage
Speakers: Mat and Jordan York
Mat and Jordan York discuss the benefits that Natural Parenting have had on their marriage and how it helps them continue to grow as a unit. After three kids, 3 different births, 3 different breastfeeding journeys, and the growth of their babywearing knowledge their relationship has evolved and has helped them navigate parenting together.

10:30AM-11:25AM Fall in Love with the Meh Dai presented by Moby
Speaker: Jess Mann
Learn the history of the Meh Dai, ways to teach the Meh Dai and further understand the knowledge surrounding this age-old and wildly popular carrier.

10:30AM-11:25AM The Fun Factor: Exploring Birth Options through Interactive Play
Speaker: Betsy Schwartz
This is the Fun Factor. People get to play the board game Down the Canal, and have an experience of fun while learning about birthing options. The guys can get involved in the action. We can have several small groups playing teams. Birth can be scary, and it can be amazing. Knowing all options, and learning about what to expect can ease the mind and better prepare a woman and her partner and family for birth. And while having fun information is retained for later use. People don’t always want to read the books, and surfing the web can be a daunting task. Playing a game saves time, and creates connection among the players. It is a win win!!!

10:30AM-11:25AM Sleep Consultation with Rebecca Michi: 0-12 months
Speaker: Rebecca Michi
During this session, Rebecca will discuss what is normal when it comes to sleep for children ages 0-12 months. There will be time to ask Rebecca all of your questions related to normal sleep, gentle sleep training and ways to get the best possible night’s sleep.

11:25AM-12:25PM Lunch

12:25PM-1:20PM Becoming a Potty Training Maverick with Laura Wojciechowski the Scaredy Cat Potty Trainer
Speaker: Laura Wojciechowski
Super Undies will be presenting info on all things potty training, including why it’s so scary! Come learn what it takes to potty train, and leave empowered to get the job done.

12:25PM-1:20PM Social Media: Building an Audience 
Speaker: Xza Higgins
Xza will share how she built a social media community in 2012 and how it has evolved and changed over the years. With over 80,000 fans, Xza has learned a thing or two about creating quality content and keeping your message engaging and authentic. She will share some tips to consider and what there is to know about venturing into paid advertising on social media.

12:25PM-1:20PM Miss Jordan’s Music Time!  
Speaker: Jordan Shepherd
Miss Jordan’s Music Time is an interactive “”Mommy & Me”” music class.  Caregivers and their children will engage in many fun music related activities. 

12:25PM-1:20PM Let’s Grow Your Passion Into Your Profession! 
Speaker: Joanna McNeilly
Ready to step into a babywearing career, or add babywearing your current career? Join Joanna to explore how others are actively pursuing their dreams and making babywearing a core component of their career. You will walk away with a greater understanding of what the market is currently supporting and an eye to different opportunities that are currently being pursued. Additionally you will discover you unique entrepreneur personality! Growing strong businesses should be fun, able to fit your lifestyle, and profitable!

12:25PM-1:20PM Wrapping 101 presented by Tekhni Wovens and Moby
Speaker: Alisa DeMarco and Jessica Mann
Certified Babywearing Educators show you how to babywear using woven wraps. In this interactive session, participants are each shown how to use a wrap to front carry and back carry. Wraps and baby dolls are provided for demo purposes for use during this session.

12:25PM-1:20PM Loss Mama Sanctuary
Speaker: Ambyr Amen-Ra
This session is dedicated to helping mamas work through the many emotions that come with the loss of a baby at various stages of pregnancy and childbirth. We will talk about creating a safe spiritual space, wherever mom is, that allows her to feel, work through, and move past her feelings of deep grief. We’ll incorporate deep breathing and movement that will open up the energy centers and allow positive energy to flow. We’ll go over some mantras that mamas can say whenever they feel stressed and will encourage peace and hope. We will discuss pregnancy, birth and parenting after loss. The goal is to offer mamas a space to talk about their experiences and walk away with tools to help them through the anxiety that often comes post loss. There may be some tears – but by the end – there should also be joy.

12:25PM-1:20PM Sleep Consultation with Rebecca Michi: 12-24 months
Speaker: Rebecca Michi
During this session, Rebecca will discuss what is normal when it comes to sleep for children ages 12-24 months. There will be time to ask Rebecca all of your questions related to normal sleep, gentle sleep training and ways to get the best possible night’s sleep.

1:30PM-2:15PM Car Seats 101 presented by Diono
Speaker: Allana Pinkerton
What’s the best car seat? What does extended rear facing mean? What’s the pinch test? Is LATCH safer than a seat belt install? So many questions to ask and get answered! Join Allana Pinkerton, Certified Child Passenger Safety Instructor & Global Safety Advocate at Diono, for an informative session on Car Seats 101! Get all of your questions answered.

1:30PM-2:15PM My Husband, My Partner
Speaker: Dr. LuAnne and Bert Wells
Come sit with Dr. LuAnne Wells, D.C. and her husband Bert Wells as they describe their partnership as parents to their children. A partnership that resulted in opportunities for learning as well as success with birth, breastfeeding, babywearing, nutrition, natural health care and overall parenting style. This is will be the session couples, and especially Dads, won’t want to miss!

1:30PM-2:15PM Gardening with Kids: Getting the Vittles with the Littles
Speaker: Yvonne Muse Brown
Join Yvonne Brown, suburban homesteader, as we’ll discuss ways to manage your garden with little ones in tow. Covered: Babywearing and must effective carriers for outdoor work, ways to involve them and things they can do to help, time management to get the most done in the least time. Fun and interactive!

1:30PM-2:15PM What’s In Your Children’s Medicines? How Organics and non-GMO’s are Moving from Foods to Medicines
Speaker: David Johnson
Genexa Co-founder and CEO David Johnson will share his story as a new dad in search of healthier medicines for his kids and the challenges in launching the first-ever line of dual certified organic/non-GMO medicines.

1:30PM-2:15PM Ring Slings 101 presented by Moby
Speaker: Jessica Mann
Ring slings might look complicated, but we will show you just how easy they are. This versatile carrier can be used from birth well into toddlerhood. We will share techniques for making this your go-to, on-the-go carrier.

1:30PM-2:15PM Sustaining Feminine Health
Speaker: Maleña Taylor
A healthy vagina makes a happy Mama & a happy everyone. How to sustain your feminine health to live a stress free, happy & healthy life.

2:15PM-3:00PM Dedicated Shopping Break (Exhibitor Hall closes at 3:00PM)

3:00PM-4:00PM Cloth Diapering 101 with Jenn Labit presented by Cotton Babies
Speaker: Jenn Labit
Join CEO and Founder Jenn Labit as she shares the Cotton Babies story and an introduction to cloth diapering products, wash routines, and accessories that will make your life easier as a parent. This session is a must-see for both cloth-curious attendees and those who are Cotton Babies fans!

3:00PM-4:00PM Terrible Twos and Traumatic Threes: Feeding Your Toddler for a Lifetime of Happy Eating
Speaker: Agatha Achindu
It seems like just yesterday that getting your baby to eat pureed green beans was a piece of cake. But baby has quickly grown into a toddler, and now your sweet little angel has something to say about what’s on the plate. And what they usually say is “no” – the favorite word of toddlers. Just when their growing bodies really need nutrition, and eating habits are forming – feeding becomes a challenge. They don’t call it the Terrible Twos and the Traumatic Threes for nothing. Knowing that you have a very tiny window to get it right only adds to the stress. All at once, you must make sure your toddler gets proper nutrition, help your child to accept good food, and set down healthy eating habits, which remain for life. Agatha Achindu, Founder of Yummy Spoonfuls Organic Baby & Tots Fresh-Frozen Organic Food, is an expert in child nutrition and healthy cuisine, who built her own nationally-recognized organic baby food company, starting in her home kitchen. Her lively session will take the pain out of feeding your toddler. Agatha will teach you how to present nutritious meals your toddler will love, while setting up a lifetime of happy, healthy eating habits. Make mealtime fun again, even in the toddler years! Tips, tricks and plenty of recipes.

3:00PM-4:00PM Raising Multi-Racial Children in an Attached Parenting World
Speaker: Isreal Jean Holland
During this session, Isreal will discuss the history of attached parenting, the visibility of families of color who also practice it, cultural appropriation, and how to go through life with others not understanding your culture, lifestyle and family. This conversation will open the door for inclusiveness.

3:00PM-4:00PM  Sleep Consultation with Rebecca Michi: 24 months +
Speaker: Rebecca Michi
During this session, Rebecca will discuss what is normal when it comes to sleep for children ages 24 months and older. There will be time to ask Rebecca all of your questions related to normal sleep, gentle sleep training and ways to get the best possible night’s sleep.

4:00PM-4:30PM End of Day Giveaways
Speakers: Xza Higgins
This session wraps up our day with a crazy big giveaway, and attendees will walk away with an in depth look at all the products we feature at the event

 Exhibitors and Event Elements

(confirmed as of August 30, 2017)

Abby’s Lane
Baby Tula
Baby Tula Babywearing Lounge
Balm Baby
BeBelieve Birth and Doula Services
Birth in the Know
BOB Gear
Brilliant Baby Products
Changing Stations
Cielito Baby LLC
Cloth Diaper Resource Center
Cotton Babies
Crane USA
Evenflo Feeding
Evenflo Feeding Lounge
Fit 4 Mom
Flora, Inc.
Fresh Wave
Handmade Happiness by Ruth
Happy Family
Hello Mama Box
In Due Season LLC
Jades Arrival
Kush Textiles
Lighthouse Kids Company
Lil Tulips
Little Balance Box
MommyCon Shoppe
Nerdy Mommas
Plume Otique
Pregnancy Treasures
Quiet Room
Revival Chiropractic
River Babe Threads
Safari Ltd.
Smart Bottoms
Snack Station
Super Undies
Sweet Summer Baby
Teethers, Tushies, and More
Tekhni Wovens
The Carrying On Project
The Natural Baby
The Nursie
The Unique Story Of…
The Whole Life Co
Toys R Us
Tree of Life Birth and Gynecology
Weston A. Price Foundation
Vagina Village