MommyCon :: Making Summer Count (down) to School Craft

Making Summer Count (down) to School Craft

With summer drawing to a close this making summer count (down) to school craft is a creative way to use your time while preparing your children to head back to school. My boys are 4 years, 2 years, and 7 months and we all enjoyed collaborating on our making summer count (down) to School Craft together.

We created a fun garland countdown with simple activities to complete together each day.

This craft can be as complicated or simple as you like. For older children the making summer count  (down) to school craft could easily be done independently.

I started by counting back 30 days for our first day of school. You can make your countdown however short or long as you desire. Next, I labeled white sheets of 8×11 paper with three numbers starting at one and continued to do this until I had gotten to thirty.

After I had my numbers in place, I invited my boys to have some fun. We got out our watercolors, headed to our sun/school room and got busy. I showed the boys how to make pretty streaks of color and then watched as they used their own artistic expression.

Your child could use a different medium. Stickers, markers, crayons, colored pencils would all work just fine.

Once all of our numbered papers were painted, we left them overnight to dry. I then began working on my part of the craft.

I gathered 30 small squares of cardstock and labeled each one 1-30 and then wrote the correlated date in our countdown above the number.

These following part may be cumbersome or fun depending on your personality. I enjoyed brainstorming cute and fun things to add to the cards. On the back of each card I wrote a simple activity either related to making summer count or going back to school. As we break our rings and countdown our days, we will find the correlated card waiting with an activity to do each day.

Ideas include:


Indoor picnics

Clothing shopping

Baking cookies for neighbors


School Supply shopping

Anything is game. Choose things you and your children will enjoy.

Once this is done, the next part is simply cutting your paper into strips and gluing your paper garland together. My boys are young, so I completed this part; however, it is great scissor and glue practice for older kiddos.

As soon as your garland is together, let your kids pick a great spot for it and begin tearing them off daily and enjoying your simple, but fun activities together!

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