MommyCon :: Getting Out and About with Baby

Getting Out and About with Baby

After you have a new baby, you may feel a little pressured to stay home. After all, the world is full of germs, people that want to touch your baby, and comment on every little move you make. But let’s be honest, everyone needs some vitamin D in their life- especially new parents! Staying home can not only make you stir crazy, but irritable. Here’s some advice to get you out and about with your new baby!


Wear your baby.

Everyone wants to hold, touch, and smell a sweet new baby, however, you may have reservations about this. After all, while people mean well, they’re ultimately sharing germs with your little one. Babywearing can be used as a preventative measure to keep other people away. For some reason, people have no problem sticking their hands and face inside a car seat carrier, but feel uncomfortable getting close to mom or dad wearing baby.


Take short trips.

While grocery store shopping may not be your favorite errand, taking short trips out of the house is ideal. It can be to the store, to the park, the shopping mall- wherever your heart desires! With short trips, you won’t need to pack as much in the diaper bag and can pace yourself. If your baby is particular about where they sleep, you can also schedule these trips around their nap time.


Find a Mom Group.

Having a village behind you is essential when you have a baby. There will be times you need to vent, times you need help gathering research, and times you just need to talk to another caregiver for moral support. While we recommend the MommyCon BFF Community group, it’d be a great idea to find a local group too! Some babywearing and cloth diapering groups take walks, have picnics, and host other meet-ups!


Pack for anything.

Life with a baby can throw some unexpected curve balls- like a poop-splosion up the baby’s back while you’re out in public. That’s only one bad scenario of many possibilities when you’re out and about with a baby. Pack extra clothes, extra snacks. When in doubt, pack it!


Life with a baby doesn’t have to be lonely. It doesn’t have to be days and nights sitting at home. It can be a fun adventure making new friends and exploring new places. Going out and about with your baby doesn’t have to be difficult and it doesn’t have to be stressful. You’ve got this!