MommyCon :: Must Haves From The MommyCon Shoppe

Must Haves From The MommyCon Shoppe


Whether you’re looking to shop in-person at your nearest MommyCon event or you’re looking for some online retail therapy – the MommyCon Shoppe has a variety of amazing items for every member of the family! The products listed below are items I personally own, use and love! Some of them- I really can’t get enough of! (Cough cough- the portable wine glass!)

For You

Birth & Breastfeed & Babywear Sweatshirt:

This is honestly my favorite sweatshirt hanging in my closet. It’s a unisex designed sweatshirt and is super soft! I love being able to rock my natural parenting love out in the open while being comfortable and cute! Being a neutral grey color, it looks fabulous with leggings, yoga pants, or jeans.







Mama’s Sippy Cup

Sometimes, Mama just needs a drink! Parenting is hard and no judgement! This “Mama’s Sippy Cup” also has a partner in crime, “Mama Needs Her Juice.” These portable wine(or other beverage) glasses have lids, which make life so much easier when kids are running around. No one wants to clean up their drink off the floor!




Mystery Box

Love a good surprise? We LOVE putting together Mystery Boxes just for you! The picture shown was from our Spring Mystery box- can you believe all those goodies were in ONE box?! We put together new boxes all the time and they are limited; if you want one, don’t wait or you may miss out! You can currently pick one out for you OR for your child!




BFF Bracelets

NEW to the MommyCon Shoppe are our BFF Bracelets. We’re all about finding your village, your community, your new Mom BFF. Each set is named after a lead literary character chosen by Team MommyCon! Pick a set of Claire’s, Minerva’s or Nancy’s- whichever fits you and your BFF’s style! What better way to remind yourself that you have a “person” on a rough day with the kids than to look down at your wrist? They’re made of a beautiful natural stone and available in different colorways for any MommyCon duo.

For Kids

Exclusive Cloth Diapers

As a cloth diapering parent, there are many times that I feel the “need” to have all the cloth diapers. I especially love to collect all the exclusive cloth diapers that you can find at MommyCon! Luckily- you don’t need to attend the event in order to have some of the amazing exclusive MommyCon diapers! These exclusive diapers are made by Cotton Babies; the Flips are covers and are adorable under every baby’s outfit!

You can purchase Riveted and Enamel separately or you can purchase them in a bundle (which includes a wet bag!)





Milk & Milk & Milk T-Shirt

The Milk x3 shirt was one of my very first purchases from MommyCon 2 years ago. Today, it’s still my favorite toddler shirt. This particular shirt comes in many different colors, but is also offered in a variety of sizes! Babies as small as 3 months and kids up to 4T can rock this shirt!





Jellystone Rainbow Stacker

This silicone rainbow stacker is perfect for not only teething babies, but growing toddlers! Jellystone hit the ball out of the park when they created this toy/teether. Each “ring” connects together and is grooved in different ways. You can spend so much time playing with this particular toy over and over again! Not only does my toddler enjoy playing, but my 5 and 6 year old love this toy too!



Planning on attending a MommyCon event this year? You can pick up one of these products at the MommyCon Shoppe booth or you can order online! If you own something you love, what is/are your must have products from the MommyCon Shoppe?