Exploring the Great Outdoors: Kids Printable Scavenger Hunt

Longer days. Hot weather.

In the days pre-kids, your younger self probably would have been relaxing on the beach or out dancing. Longer and hotter days with a toddler, though? This will probably call for some structured play time. Keep it simple and bring it back with a classic scavenger hunt!

With the weather being so nice, using this time to look for natural elements is a great way to bond and appreciate your surroundings. Try a nature themed scavenger hunt and look for a spider web or a leaf! You can make it a little trickier for your preschooler in having them look for three sticks as opposed to one. Once you’ve found all that you’re looking for, color a picture of all you’ve found and make it your own! If your preschooler is ready to practice writing, you can have them trace the spelling of each item for some extra learning.

For an even more creative scavenger hunt, you can use shapes! Instead of specific objects, work together to find objects on your walk that are the shape of a circle, for instance. Maybe you’ll find a stop sign for the shape of the octagon or a building that takes the shape of a rectangle. Once you’ve found an item, use your crayons and paper to turn the original shape into the item you’ve found.

For example, if your shape was a rectangle, your child might find the rectangular body of a truck. Use some crayons or markers to turn their rectangle into the truck they found!

Before (rectangle)


After (truck)

Get creative!

Below are two printable scavenger hunts to get you started right away!

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Shapes Scavenger Hunt

Happy Findings!

About the author: Ashley Jefferson is an early childhood enthusiast and play advocate originally from Boston, Massachusetts. She currently serves as a family and early childhood consultant through her work in the classroom, play groups and local Atlanta events. Visit her blog at www.villagingbrown.com.