Outdoors with the Littles: From Sunblock to Swim Diapers

With the summer months literally just around the corner, you’ll be spending fun time outdoors with the little ones! Whether you’re outside in the baby pool or sprinkler, on vacation at the beach, or having a good old fashioned picnic- there are a few things you may need to have on hand to enjoy a safe and happy summer! Here are our top 5 must-have summertime items from natural sunblock to cloth swim diapers!

Babyganics Sunscreen– You can feel at ease putting Babyganics sunscreen on your little one. This sunscreen is recommended for babies 6 months and older. It’s a mineral based lotion with no nasty chemicals. Babyganics knows your baby’s skin is sensitive so you won’t find any fragrances in it either. Whatever sunscreen you ultimately decide to use, be sure to not only put it on your little one- but you too! Sunburn is no walk in the park, especially when your little one will just want to go back outside to play the very next day.

Bug Spray- If you are outdoors playing while those mean ol’ mosquitos are out biting, you’ll want to have some bug spray on hand. My family uses and loves the Babyganics bug spray since it is naturally made with essential oils. Their deet-free formula means no harsh chemicals on your little one’s sensitive skin and no itchy bug bites either!!

Water-Safe Baby Carrier- I’m a huge fan of my Beachfront Baby Ring Sling. When baby #3 was a little baby, my bigger kids wanted me to play along in the water too. My water ring sling made that possible! I was hands-free but still had the baby up against me and safe. There are many water-safe baby carriers on the market so be sure to find one that works for both you and your child!

Healing Salve- Let’s face it, sometimes we are too busy protecting everyone else that we forget to protect ourselves outdoors. If you need a little relief from sunburn or itchy bug bites, Motherlove Green Salve is your answer. This salve has kept me from constant itching more than once and has soothed my sunburn more times than that; made with 100% certified organic ingredients, it’s perfect for every member of the family!

Swim Diapers- My family loves the swim diapers made by Applecheeks and Smart Bottoms. They come in different sizes for the perfect fit. With a snap closure and quality elastic, it’ll protect whatever body of water your toddler is playing in from the inevitable. Depending on the frequency of your family’s water fun, I suggest having 2-4 swim diapers. I always take at least two with me in case of poop. I don’t want the fun to stop just because I have to change the toddler out of the diaper and I didn’t bring another.

Let’s be honest- kids love play in the great outdoors! These items will not only keep your babies and toddlers safe, but will do so without compromising the fun!

COMMUNITY QUESTION: What are your “must-have” favorite things for outdoor fun with your little ones?