MommyCon :: Baby Registry: Top 5 Must-Haves

Baby Registry: Top 5 Must-Haves

I remember it vividly: the anticipation; excitement; all of the thrills that came with expecting a new baby. When it was time to register, I stepped through the doors of the my local large “baby” retailer into an oasis of stuff that I was sure I needed to be able to adequately take care of my first child. Car seats, strollers, pack-n-plays, swings, bouncers, cribs, pacifiers, bottles and so much more. I walked in with a smile and left feeling totally overwhelmed and with a registry a mile long. A year after my son was born, I realized which of these items I regularly used and loved and would definitely keep for my next baby.

We recently asked our veteran parents on social media if they could go back in time and only register for one thing what would it be? Below is the list of the top five items that they recommended.

Baby Carriers:

It’s clear that our followers love babywearing as they strongly recommended baby carriers as the number one item they would register for. The recommendations included ring slings and soft-structured carriers (SSCs) that can go from birth until toddler age. Baby
carriers are definitely an area where new parents can easily become overwhelmed as there are tons of options when it comes to brands and styles. In order to find the one (or few) that are right for you, we highly recommend you do research into the various types of carriers available; visit our babywearing lounge, a local babywearing friendly retailer or local babywearing group to try on various types of carriers.

Baby Loungers:

When you aren’t babywearing, your baby needs a cozy and safe place to lounge around on. That’s where baby loungers come in. These can come in a variety of brands, types, shapes and sizes and provide a safe space for baby to sleep, play, lounge and rest in. They can often be used for safe co-sleeping and are great for at home and on the go. We feature a few of these in our Quiet Room at MommyCon such as the Pello and Snuggle Me Organic.

Car Seats:

If you are going to have your baby in a moving vehicle, whether it be your own car or a taxi/Lyft, you should definitely own a car seat for your baby to safely ride in. Based on your needs, there are a number of options for parents to choose from. We highly recommend doing your research online; visiting a local retailer to review your options (including trying to install them in the vehicle you’ll be using most) and locating a local CPST to help you understand proper installation for every stage.

Swaddle Blankets:

The womb is a comfy, cozy place for baby, so it naturally makes sense why most babies find a place of calm when swaddled up in a nice soft blanket. As parents, we wish we could hold baby all day and night and still eat, sleep, and get things done, but we can’t, so that’s where a good swaddle blanket comes in handy. Swaddling makes the infant feel secure and warm, even when they aren’t being held. Of course, swaddle blankets aren’t just handy for swaddling. They have tons of other uses such as spreading on the floor/carpet for playtime, putting into a shopping cart as germ-protection, or even laying on a public changing service for changing diapers on the go. Also, let’s not forget how darn cute they are!

Cloth Diapers:

If you’ve ever been to MommyCon, you know one of our pillar sessions is Cloth 101 with Cotton Babies, and we are HUGE supporters of cloth diapering. We realize that the idea of using cloth can be intimidating for new parents, but encourage you to take the time to look into it as not only can it save you $1000s in diapers but they are also super cute and adorable! There are cloth diapers for every budget and baby. Ready to learn more? We host a special element, the Cloth Diaper Resource Center, and session, Cloth Diaper 101, at all of our MommyCon events.