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Make Earth Day Everyday

When I was approached to curate a collection of Earth Day favorites, I couldn’t help but pull inspiration from the amazing companies we get to work with at MommyCon. Not only are these products at every event, they are also items that I use in my own home with my family. As a busy mom of two, and a wife who is always looking for ways to provide my family with simple, playful and Earth Friendly solutions that make our home a happier place. Watch the 4.19.17 morning segment now!

Bumgenius: Elemental Diapers

We started using these diapers with my son who is now five, but our original Elemental diapers got their start two years prior with another baby who needed diapers on his bum. The beauty of modern day cloth diapers is that not only can the same diaper be used from 8lbs-35lbs, they can be used on multiple children. The cost savings of cloth diapering is astounding, and the benefits of converting to cloth for Mother Earth include saving our landfills of over 6000 diapers per baby. The Elemental Diaper features an all-in-one design that is easy to use, and an all organic inner lining is all that touches your baby’s bottom. These premium quality diapers are $24.95 or you can get a “lifetime supply” of 24 diapers for $538 directly from Cotton Babies.


Tekhni: Bags & Blankets

Tekhni products are known around the globe as a specialty brand of luxurious lifestyle accessories and products for the growing family. What started as a wrap-around baby carrier company has turned into a line of home accessories and bags for busy families. Their Repreve fabric is soft to the touch and best of all, it keeps water bottles out of landfills. The Traveler Bag in Delta Cinder ($135) has eleven water bottles in it! This large bag can fit everything for a day out or a weekend trip, if you are a light packer, like myself. The Hipsack ($52) takes the old-school fanny pack and turns it into a helpful accessory that’s cute and contains three recycled water bottles in the fabric. Lastly, the ultra-soft Skala Throw Blanket in Addison ($98) will be your new favorite blanket and you can feel great about using it knowing there are 17 water bottles in the fabric!

RePlay: Rainbow Collection

What do feeding your children and saving our planet have to do with one another? With RePlay you can do both. Every single piece of RePlay is made out of recycled milk jugs. Their colorful line of products are favorites in our household and at our office. Yes, even adults can use their plates, cutlery and cups. They are easy to clean (dishwasher safe – hallelujah!) and the colorful collection can brighten any day.

Our family loves RePlay so much and each of us has our favorites. Luella loves packing the Snack Stackers in her backpack, and Atticus takes one of the No Spill Cups to bed each night so he can have his water available without worrying about it spilling.




Babyganics: Laundry & Insect Repellent 

Gentle enough for baby, effective for the entire family. The Babyganics line is trusted in our house for keeping our clothes clean and our skin bite free. Spending more time outside means more exposure to the elements and bugs. Their insect repellent ($9.99) is  made of essential oils and is free of DEET, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, artificial fragrances or dyes.

When we get back indoors after a messy day in the mud, I trust their detergent ($10.99) to get stains out. Their Wool Dryer Balls ($19.99) keep our clothing soft, cut drying time by 25% and are made humanely on East Coast farms.



Whole Life Co: Aroma Play 

The Aroma Play Collection is a multi-sensory play experience for all families to enjoy. The products are not only beautiful to look at, they are inspiring to use. Each product has a unique scent and color made from naturally sourced ingredients. All of their products are vegan, and the best part is each color correlates to a scent derived from essential oils. The Aroma Doh (sculpting dough), Aroma Jewels (crayons)and Aroma Lakes (watercolors) are all favorites in our household. The Aroma Play Collection ranges between $25-$35 per set.

Feminist Inc: Shirts 


Feminist Inc. curates a collection of social conscious clothing for adults and children. Clothing comes from Oeko-Tek 100 certified fabrics, ethically produced and select items come with a donation back to the community. One of my favorite design is the International Sisterhood of Glass Ceiling Smashers and there is a social giving component as part of the company’s core values. April 19-22 the company is donating 5% of profits to One Billion Trees Planted. 




Earth Day Giveaway Prizes

  • – $50 gift card to be used at Cotton Babies (in store or online)
  • – Choice of Tekhni traveler bag, hip sack or blanket
  • – Babyganics detergent, dryer balls and insect repellent
  • – Aroma Play Collection: Aroma Doh, Aroma Jewels and Aroma Lakes
  • – RePlay Assortment of products
  • – $25 Feminist inc. gift card to be used online

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