MommyCon :: Who is Ambyr Amen-Ra?

Who is Ambyr Amen-Ra?

I was able to take some time to sit down with Ambyr Amen-Ra and discuss motherhood, cloth diapers and everything in between. Ambyr joins us at all of our U.S. events this year in the Cloth Diaper Resource Center (CDRC) with her vast knowledge of cloth diapering.


Tell us a little about yourself. 
I am Ambyr Amen-Ra and I was born and raised in Detroit, MI. I lived in St. Louis for almost 5 years after undergrad, but I’ve been back in Detroit since 2008. You can follow me at @anurbanma on Twitter and Instagram. My blog is:


What got you into cloth diapers? 
My mom used a cloth diaper service for me – so I always envisioned that I would also use cloth. I didn’t really know any other way. I did a ton of research and picked Cotton Babies bumGenius 4.0 hook and loop diapers. I saw that Jennifer Labit was going to speak at MommyCon Chicago in 2014 so I packed up my baby, my cloth diapering friend and her baby and we drove to our first MommyCon to attend Cloth 101. I’ve been coming to MommyCon ever since!


What is your favorite babywearing carrier? 
My first carrier was a secondhand white eyelet lace wrap. I decided that I wanted something quicker for my newborn and got an Ergo performance. He outgrew it and I bought a toddler Tula. With my new baby I needed something for a small baby (she was only 5.5 lbs at birth) and a friend loaned me her linen ringsling. I FELL IN LOVE. I now have four ringslings: A Tekhni, two Sakura Bloom essential silks and a Beco. Silk ringslings are my favorite because they allow for babywearing at formal events. Silk also keeps you cool in the summer and folds up really small for travel.


Do you have a favorite baby/toddler product that you would like to share with our audience?
I am in love with the Snack & Play for my toddler. We spend a lot of time in the car and its perfect for eating and playing. It creates a little table that is easy to clean and fold up when it’s not in use.


If you could only use one type of cloth diaper, which one would it be?
The OBGE (Original bumGenius Elemental). They don’t make it anymore and I’ve heard nothing b
ut great things about the NEW 3rd generation Elemental; but the OBGE is my BFF. I have 12 and cherish them. They are wonderful for heavy wetters, overnight, travel, underneath normal pants…everything you could ever want in a diaper.


Did you cloth diaper all of your children? 
Yes. I cloth diapered both babies, my 1st from 10 weeks, my second from birth. I’ve been cloth diapering continuously for over 3.5 years.


What inspires you the most as a mom? 
My children’s smiles inspire me to be the best mom I can be. They are everything that makes the world wonderful. I want to keep them smiling – showing them new adventures, teaching them new things and cuddling as much as possible.


What are your 2017 goals – either as a mom or business woman? 
I did some New Year’s Day Goal setting this year. I’m focusing on making more connections and having a positive impact on others this year.


What are your diaper bag essentials?
I’ve learned that less is more. In the beginning of my mommy-hood journey I used to leave the house prepared for a zombie apocalypse (yes I watch TWD), but now I leave the house with only essentials in my bag. I always have a wetbag, 2-3 cloth diapers, a pack of honest wipes and my Grandma El’s diaper ointment. Those are the things that I’ll pull out of my bag and stash in my big purse if I need to carry one bag. Other less critical things are baby sunglasses and sunscreen if we’re headed to the beach, bug spray if we’ll be outdoors, an extra pair of clothes (I also keep emergency changes of clothes in my car), an Aden & Anais muslin blanket and a burpy bib, a few Happy Family pouches and a book or toy.


What is your favorite part about MommyCon? 
My favorite part of MommyCon is feeling like I’m among family. These mamas get me. I’ve made so many new mama friends. I’ve learned so much about myself as a mom. There are so many great sessions and vendors with information and tools to make my mommy-hood journey easier and more fulfilling.


Can you tell us a brief overview of our session? 
My session is for mamas who have experienced loss during pregnancy, childbirth or immediately after childbirth. I focus on the ways to work through grief. I talk about creating a safe spiritual space, wherever mom is, that allows her to feel, work through, and move past her feelings of deep grief. I incorporate deep breathing and movement that will open up the energy centers and allow positive energy to flow. I introduce mantras that mamas can say whenever they feel stressed that encourage peace and hope. I discuss pregnancy, birth and parenting after loss.


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I am also hosting the Cloth Diaper Resource Center (CDRC) sponsored by Cotton Babies this year. We have almost every type of diaper and trainer on hand for you to see and feel. You’ll have an opportunity to ask questions about creating a stash, washing techniques and wool.

Do you have a parenting icon, and if so, who?
Josephine Baker is an idol of mine. I watched a movie about her life when I was a teenager and I was amazed by her artistry, activism and the love she had for the 12 children she adopted. The more I learned about her the more I aspired to  be like her.


Thanks for reading all about Ambyr! If you want to learn more about her or meet her in person, drop by any MommyCon 2017 Cloth Diaper Resource Center. She is extremely joyful and knowledgeable to chat with and will be there to help with all your cloth diapering needs!