MommyCon :: Introducing the NYC Blogger Collective Members!

Introducing the NYC Blogger Collective Members!

This week is the first MommyCon in New York City! We’d like to introduce you to the bloggers in the MommyCon NYC Blogger Collective!

Mama Banana’s Adventures

Mama Banana’s Adventures blogger Jeanette is a Mom to 4 boys, ages 6 and under, living in North Eastern Pennsylvania. Also an Occupational Therapist, she blogs about topics including babywearing, cloth diapers, green parenting and life as a busy Mom.

What is your favorite thing about MommyCon?
My favorite thing about MommyCon is the energy! If you have ever felt alone, wandering around your house in your babywearing/cloth diapering parenting journey, MommyCon is the place where we all come together! The energy and excitement from all the Moms and families is amazing. Simply amazing!

What is the best thing about being a blogger?
The best thing about being a blogger is getting to try out products and share them with all of you. When I first started parenting I feel like I wasted a lot of time and money on products that were not right for our family or poorly made. I love sharing high-quality products and companies on my website and I try to use a lot of photos to show everyone what the items look like in person.

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Stained with Style

Christy, with Stained with Style, is a glam/crunchy mom of three kids (7,5,3) one of whom has an autism diagnosis.  Currently residing in the frozen tundra of Maryland, she loves all things baby gear, travel, whining, and wine(ing).  Join her on a humorous adventure while stained…with style!

What is your favorite thing about MommyCon?
I love MommyCon because it is a non judgmental place for moms to become better educated, find support, and some pretty sweet merchandise.

What is the best thing about being a blogger?
The best thing about being a blogger is being able to work from home, and stay with my kids, while interacting with some pretty awesome people.

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3 With ADHD

Angela Stanley is the blogger behind 3 with ADHD. She is a mom to one child battling ADHD, Allergies and Anxiety and the other battling ADHD, Allergies, Sensory Processing Disorder and PANDAS/PANS, and is also pregnant with her third child who is due in September! Angela’s blog started as an outlet to express with others the story that led her family down the path to learning the root cause of their children’s sudden onset of symptoms and how they are curing them through a bio-medical approach. They are doing this through diet changes, lifestyle changes, supplements and learning what products are helping them achieve these strides daily and how they went completely organic! Angela and her family and live in Coventry, Rhode Island.

What is your favorite thing about MommyCon?
I have never been to Mommycon but have heard amazing things about it! What I am the most excited about is to see all of the new baby products that are now on the market since I was last pregnant almost seven years ago. I also am excited to take classes so that I can hope to cloth diaper and breastfeed my new baby in September.

What is the best thing about being a blogger?
I think the best thing about being a blogger is the amazing people I have met in my journey to heal my children. Also, all of the experiences and classes that the blog has taken me on that I am able to share with my family.

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