MommyCon :: The Snack Station at MommyCon 2017

The Snack Station at MommyCon 2017

Are you attending our event and need a quick and healthy snack for you and your little one(s)? This year, we have expanded our Snack Station to include a handful of new and delicious products for you to try and take home at MommyCon!

Featuring a variety of snacks for the whole family and beautifully displayed on ezpz mats, the Snack Station will be centrally located for ease of access for all of our attendees. For little (and big) snackers, there are Peas Please, a baked organic crunchy snack from Peeled Snacks and Smart Crackers, featuring a half-serving of organic veggies in every serving, by Bitsy’s Brainfood. Want something a little sweeter?
Our friends at KIND are offering their healthy grains bars which are baked with at least five super grains to create a unique chewy and crunchy texture. Are you nursing a little one? Milkful is providing the perfect snack for you! Their bars are loaded with natural ingredients that not only create a healthy/convenient/well balanced snack, they can help BOOST milk supply. Finally, we have a product that’s PERFECT for your coffee cravings: mōCa by The Vegan Nest tastes just like coffee but provides energy that is natural and sustained, unlike the energy spikes and crashing lows that traditional coffee offers.

We hope you are able to enjoy the Snack Station at a MommyCon near you this year! Visit our events page for more information on the show closest to you! We hope to see you soon!