MommyCon :: The Quiet Room at MommyCon 2017

The Quiet Room at MommyCon 2017

The Quiet Room at MommyCon 2017


The Quiet Room was created as a sanctuary away from the excitement of MommyCon.

The room features dimly lit lights, soft sounds and a space for you to give your little one a break. Snuggle Me Organic Co-sleeping Infant Loungers give your little ones a safe place to rest and sleep. The lush floor pillows from Pello give little ones a soft place to snuggle in for a snooze or a little down time. Bouncers and travel cribs allow parents to give their child a break in a familiar setting. Our event element hostess can lend you a hand if you need one, and you and your little one can refresh their tiny minds away from the hustle and bustle of the event for a bit.

This area is meant to stay quiet so please enter quietly and be courteous of others using the space. There is not an age limit for quiet room usage, but we do ask that older children entering the room be aware that little one’s may be sleeping inside. Enjoy some peace and quiet at the event… zzz.

What other items would you like to see added to the Quiet Room? We would love to keep adding to this great space.