MommyCon :: Five Simple Ways to Spread Love All Year Long

Five Simple Ways to Spread Love All Year Long

Last week, many of us celebrated the biggest “Love” focused holiday of the year, Valentine’s Day. Personally, I am a believer that these acts of love should not be reserved for a single day each year, but rather we should be frequently spreading love to those that mean a lot to us all year long. Let’s be honest, life is BUSY and the days feel SHORT, so it’s nice that we have Valentine’s Day to remind us to show love. However, I personally find it more meaningful and impactful when someone unexpectedly shows me love on a random Monday instead. So, I’ve compiled a list of simple ways to spread love all year long. 

Write a love note. I’m not talking about Shakespearean sonnets, but rather a quick note on a post-it or other small piece of paper just letting someone know you are thinking about them. It can be as simple as “Have a great day!” or “You’re my favorite!” You can sneak it into their lunch, workbag, backpack or even tape it to their coffee mug that they use/bring to work every day. Just a little reminder that they are loved.

Breakfast in bed. This one requires slightly more effort, but yet still simple enough to do on any day. It doesn’t haven’t to be lavish or complicated. A simple cup of coffee/tea, juice, a muffin, etc. Add a little love note (see above) and you’ve nailed it! Don’t have a pretty tray? I like to put a placemat or cloth napkin on a baking sheet. Does the trick every time! Doing this for a parent? Let the kids deliver it with hugs and kisses and then quietly usher them out. 

Send a card. Have a loved one far away? Send a them a greeting card. It doesn’t need to be anything expensive or fancy, but just a little something to say “I’m thinking about you.” Personally, I keep some cute stationary or little cards from the local thrift store on hand just for this reason. And in this day and age getting a real card in the mail is so rare that it actually has a greater impact on the recipient. At the age of 30+, I still get giddy when I receive something unexpected and happy in the mailbox!

Send a text/e-mail message. When you are short on time but big on love, even the simplest and easiest gesture can change the course of someone’s day. I always say “you can’t make a impact if you don’t make an effort.” I try to take 5 minutes each day to send a few texts or messages to those I care about near and far. Even if I don’t receive an immediate response, I know that I’ve shared with them how important they are in my life and hope they feel the love from afar.

Make time. This one is slightly more complicated but something that many overlook. We more easily think to make appointments/meetings with our hair dressers, bosses, etc. Honestly, I think I’ve had more one-on-one time with my dentist than my husband in the last year. What we forget is that the relationships with those we love are just as important (and even more so) to schedule regular “meetings” focusing on the bond. Personal relationships are some of life’s biggest “projects.” When you have a big project at work, you have regular meetings with key players. Th
e same goes for you and your loved ones. Each relationship is a work in progress and should include regular meetings for you and the key player(s) to positively build on it. Take the time each month to schedule a regular day and do your best to stick to them. These can be coffee the first Monday of the month, or a day date the 3rd Sunday. Choose what is best and easiest for everyone involved. Just get it on the calendar at a regular day/time each month. It makes it much more official and harder to overlook or cancel.

Do you have a favorite and easy way to spread love? Share in the comments below! Thanks for reading! We look forward to seeing you at MommyCon this year!