MommyCon :: Meet the MommyCon Chicago/WEAR Bloggers!

Meet the MommyCon Chicago/WEAR Bloggers!

It’s less than one month until we kick off our first event of the year, MommyCon Chicago and WEAR Conference! If you are joining us, take the time to read about all of our bloggers that will be there with you! This team of people has been carefully selected to help us document and share the event with our community and we hope you get a chance to meet some of them in person!

carney-family-mom-and-kidsHi, I’m Amanda and I blog at Fluff Bum Babies! I’m a stay-at-home mama in Columbus, Ohio to three kids: Aubrey, age 6, Baileigh, age 4, and Jackson, 15 months. I’m apart of the MommyCon Blogger Collective and MommyCon’s Parent Squad. When I’m not at home blogging, you’ll usually find me walking around Target with a toddler on my back and Starbucks in hand.

Favorite thing about MommyCon: Shopping! I love meeting the vendors and supporting small businesses.

First-time parent advice: Trust your instincts. You know your baby more than anyone else in the world. And when in doubt, find a good support group (there are awesome ones on Facebook) full of like-minded parents!

Ashley.ThompsonMy name is Ashley and my blog is Just Being Mommie. I’m a work at home mom of 3 who lives just outside of Columbus OH. I have 2 boys who are 10 and 6 and a daughter named Olivia who is 15 months old. I’ve been blogging for almost 9 years and took a liking to photography over the last 3 years. I love to show people that there are options to parenthood.

Favorite thing about MommyCon: The sessions! I love to see (and try) things I’ve never experienced before.

First-time parent advice: Take all the advice but choose your own path. You can only be the best mother (or father) you can be by doing your best.

Hi, I’m Erin and I blog at Des Moines Parent! I am a Midwestern girl with two young kiddos 2 year and 5 years old. My passion is to support and connect women and families. I do all sorts of things that keep me busy including, two blogs (one is a published magazine!) , a postpartum doula, and chiropractic assistant. I love how everything I do comes full circle!

Favorite thing about MommyCon: The connections that are made with other like-minded families. I love learning about new and different ways that I can support my family and other women and families.

First-time parent advice: We all know what we are doing and we all know what is best for our family. We just need to feel love and supported along the way.

My name is Kim and you can find me writing on my blog, Hoosier Home. I’m a stay-at-home mom that keeps busy during naptime blogging, sewing and tempting to avoid cleaning. I’m a native Hoosier that just moved to Norfolk, Virginia. I’ve got two kids Pete is 6 and Nora is 2.

Favorite thing about MommyCon: My favorite thing about MommyCon is finding I’m not alone in the things I love. There are real people outside of Facebook swaps and pages that are into cloth diapers, breastfeeding, and babywearing and it is so fun to be with them in real life even if just for a weekend.

First-time parent advice: Be prepared to be grossed out. The first time sucking a snotty nose will leave you a little queasy, but before you know it you’ll be a pro and won’t flinch at the inevitable boogers and other gag-worthy joys of parenthood.

My name is Shelby and I blog at Mommys Blogging Now. I was born and raised in Florida. I joined the Army right after high school and deployed shortly after for a year to Afghanistan. Upon being in the military I felt like I really lost my voice as a female and a human in general. I medically retired after being injured. I lost a child to Anencephaly while serving and it really made me want to be a mother so badly. I now have two healthy children and live in Texas with my husband. I study esthetics so I can bring beauty to other women because I feel like at the age of 25 I am just now being able to learn how to be a women/Mother instead of the soldier mentality.

Favorite thing about MommyCon: It brings women together in a positive light to support one another.

First-time parent advice: Enjoy every moment even the hard times.

I’m Tony and I’m a husband and father of 3 from West Michigan. I am a babywearing educator and the face of Crunchydadmom, a public figure dedicated to babywearing, breastfeeding support and all things attachment parenting.

Favorite thing about MommyCon: I love love love that Mommycon has become a platform for caregivers of all types to gather and learn, laugh and love together.

First-time parent advice: Support is everything. Find your village and be the village for those around you.

Hi, I’m Janelle and I blog at A Break 4 Mommy! I’m a busy, full-time working mommy married to my best friend Travis. We live in Chicago with our 2 kids, Jasmine and Carter ages 13 and 2. I love writing, baking, cooking and photography. My biggest goal this year is to plant our garden in the city in our backyard.

Favorite thing about MommyCon: My favorite thing about MommyCon is learning new ideas and being around other moms that are excited about natural products.

First-time parent advice: When things get overwhelming, it is OK to ask for help.

I’m Ashley and I blog alongside my sister-in-law at Naptime Tales. I live in the southwest suburbs of Chicago and she lives in Pennsylvania. I have four kids, ages 8, 6, 2 and 10 months.

Favorite thing about MommyCon: I love the unspoken connection between all the mothers in attendance.

First-time parent advice: Sleep when baby sleeps.


Hi, I’m Aryn and my blog is With Cream and Sugar! I live in Central, IL with my sweetheart Chris and am mama bear to two beautiful children, Kallen who is 3 and Cora who is 6 months. I work as a Certified Lactation Counselor and am passionate about helping mom’s feel empowered.

Favorite thing about MommyCon: The connections! I have met so many friends and soul sisters at the events.

First-time parent advice: Find your village! Even if it just starts with one friend or family member. Having someone who will help and support you, no matter what, will change your parenting experience

My name is Ashley and I blog at Parsimonious Pash. I’m a first-time mom to a one year old little boy that is the love of my life (aside from his dad of course!). I am a newly thirty-something woman that is still learning the ropes of momhood while dealing with a life-long physical disability.

Favorite thing about MommyCon: My favorite thing about MommyCon is the amazing community of moms that you get to meet. I love being given the chance to meet up and learn something new at the sessions that they have available.

First-time parent advice: I would have to say that becoming a parent isn’t as daunting as it may seem while you are pregnant. Give yourself a chance to breathe and it will help you to clear your mind and find the answers that you are seeking.

My name is Carissa and I blog at The Green Eyed Lady Blog. I reside in Cleveland, OH and I am married to my wonderful husband Darrick, we have three children Emma (5), identical twins Darrick II (deceased) and Douglass (2).

Favorite thing about MommyCon: I love that it’s all about Moms!!! No matter what your into there is something for every mom!

First-time parent advice: Try not to panic when you make mistakes, the baby thinks the WORLD of you and you are probably doing an EXCELLENT JOB!

Hi, I’m Britni and my blog is Quad Pod Logic. I’m a mom of 2 and one on the way, living in a small town in Northern Indiana. Our oldest son is 8 and our youngest daughter is 1. Loves of our lives.

Favorite thing about MommyCon: Discovering new products!

First-time parent advice: Don’t sweat the small stuff. Babies don’t last.


Thanks for joining us to learn about all our passionate and dedicate Chicago event bloggers! We encourage you to find and chat with them during the event. See you soon!