MommyCon :: Fun for Kids: DIY Valentine’s Day Pinatas!

Fun for Kids: DIY Valentine's Day Pinatas!


The following guest post is written and shared by our media team member, Niccole of The Creative SAHM.

I don’t know about you guys but when Valentine’s Day rolls around, a lot of us tend to stick with the simple, make a card, buy some candy, or fill little goodie bags for our kids.

I first made these Pinatas during Christmas, when me and a friend made them for Christmas as an advent calendar. These Pinatas are very easy to make, they take about 5 minutes or less.

If you are on a budget they are great, I may have spent about 10 dollars to make 10 Pinatas.  I got all of my materials at The Dollar Tree, which is my go to place if I need to make crafts.


  • Plastic Cups color of your choice (Pink or Red)
  • Roll of Tape
  • Ribbon to Pull treats from Pinata (White, Pink or Red)
  • Tissue Paper (White, Pink, or Red)
  • Scissors
  • Handful of Decorative Shred (White, Pink or Red)
  • Black Marker
  • A Pen
  • Goodies to fill your Pinata
  • Card stock Paper or Poster board (White, Pink or Red)
  • Extra: (Ribbon to decorate outside of your Pinata Cup)


Here’s a quick video with the instructions and demonstration on how they work:


Step 1. Grab your cup and place the opening on a piece of card stock paper, and draw a circle around it.


Step 2. Once the circle is drawn you are going to cut it out a little smaller, than what you drew so it fits inside the cup.


Step 3.  place the cut out in the cup because you want to make sure it fits properly, after that you are going to fill your cup with your Valentine’s Day goodies, and Decorative shred.



Step 4. After you fill your cup with goodies, you are going to take your Card Stock circle and make a small hole in the middle of it. Once you do that you are going to thread through your ribbon, and place a small piece of tape of the bottom part of your circle to hold the ribbon in place.


Step 5. You are going to cut out a square of tissue paper, then make a small whole in the middle so that the tissue paper can slide over the ribbon and Card stock circle. Make sure that before you do this step your Card stock circle with ribbon is already inside of your cup.


Step 6. Grab the tissue paper, and place it tightly against the cup. You can cut off additional excess paper, then you are going to tape the tissue paper to the cup.


Step 7.  You can decorate your cup with additional ribbon if you want, or you can decorate your cup with a marker. You can draw in hearts or write who your pinata is going to and who it’s from.


Last step! Have the kids tip the cup over pull the ribbon, and most of all watch their eyes light up as all of those goodies fall of the table, or the floor enjoy!