Top Ten Tips for Attending MommyCon



As our very first MommyCon of the year is quickly approaching, we reached out to our community to gather tips on attending our events. One community member, Melissa, shared with us these top 10 tips that we feel are extremely helpful for making the most of your MommyCon experience.

1.  Pick up your gift bag near the end of the day.

MC16_380Some of the items in the gift bag can be awkward to carry around all day so pick it up at the end (unless you need the bag to carry all your purchases in). And remember, these are gifts generously donated by sponsors as a thank you for attending, so if you see a sponsor in the exhibitor hall at the event feel free to introduce yourself and thank them!

2.  Be open to change & variations in your itinerary.

Absolutely do your homework and prepare ahead of time to decide which sessions you want to attend, but be flexible!  You may need to make a restroom visit or the line at your favorite cloth diaper booth may be a bit longer than expected! Being flexible will allow you to enjoy your day and not feel rushed or stressed.

3.  Join the MommyCon discussion group for your city on Facebook!

Doing so will keep you up to date on all things MommyCon!  And of course follow along on Instagram too! Here are the links to the those groups: Chicago, New York City, Charlotte, Philadelphia, Orange County, and Orlando.

4.  Bring some drinks, snacks and/or food!

 One word. Hangry. Avoid it.

5.  Can’t decide between sessions?

MC16_432 (1)Session hopping is totally acceptable!  Split your time and don’t be afraid to come and go as you please. No offense taken!

Another option would be to divide & conquer.  Split up your group, take notes and compare later!  Or post in the group (see #3 above) after attending and see if anyone can share their notes with you (see #9 below)!

6.  Network & build your village!!!

Bring a few networking cards with your name, email, telephone number, kids names, ages, city, etc.  You’re going to meet tons of other new parents and everyone is super nice, so connect and hand out your card to reconnect later on.  Chances are you won’t have a pen handy or the time to write anything down. MommyCon Playdate anyone?!

7.  Attending alone?  Don’t worry.  You’re not the only one!

One thing I’ve heard most is that moms were anxious or scared to go alone.  Don’t be!  MommyCon is so open and friendly!  Post beforehand (see #3 above for groups), find out if anyone else is going solo and make plans to meet up!

On the flip-side, if you see a mom sitting alone or who appears to need a friend, chat her up!  Invite her to join you or ask her what sessions she has gone too.  I’m sure she would really appreciate your kindness.

8.  Carpool!

Last year, a mom whom I’d never met needed a ride from the suburb to the center.  She posted in the group and her hotel was in my same town.  I happened to have an extra seat available in my car.  I picked her up for the price of a coffee and we’re still friends on Facebook and still connect!

9.  Bring a few pens and notepads. 

Take notes!  There’s tons of info and you’ll forget.  Because mom brain and pregnancy brain is a real thing.

10.  Take advantage of the feeding lounge and or quiet lounge if you have little ones with you. Feeding Lounge 6

The Feeding Lounge is open to any mom needing a quiet space to feed their little one a bottle, breast or even pump!  There are electrical outlets available as well as a small refrigerator to store your pumped milk.  Sweet!

We hope you enjoyed reading these tips and look forward to seeing you at an event in 2018! Tickets to all MommyCon events are available for purchase now!