MommyCon :: Exhibitor Guide: Eight Tips for Exhibiting Success

Exhibitor Guide: Eight Tips for Exhibiting Success


Exhibitor Guide: Eight Tips for Exhibiting Success 

This guide is for our exhibitors, sponsors and media partners.

Share the event with your customers

Whether you are a start-up with 100 followers on Instagram or an email list of 100,000, share the event with your customers so they can see your products in person. Start by giving them information via email or social media, and then incentivize them coming to see you. We have a handy dandy cheat sheet to social media graphic sizing which can be found, here.

Create an offer

Everyone likes a good deal. Promote a show special or something unique you will be offering at the event. It doesn’t have to cost much to make a big impact. Last year, a brand made pins for attendees to place on their lanyards. Something that cost under 25 cents a piece made a lasting impression. Another brand offered 10% off and waived the sales tax. Again, the discount didn’t cost the brand a ton of money, but made their customers extremely happy.

Share something NEW

One of the worst things you can do is bring stale merchandise. Our attendees want to see FRESH and NEW things. Showing off your latest and greatest will make you the talk of the event.

Read all the information we send you

Reading this list is a great start, but taking a gander over the exhibitor kit for each event will do you a lot of good. We promise, it’s worth it. Exhibitor kit’s are typically emailed to you 45 days prior to the event. We don’t keep these online as they are ever-evolving.

Upgrade your participation

For as little as $100 you can get even more out of your MommyCon experience. Whether it’s logo placement, social media coverage or inclusion in an attendee newsletter, we have options that fit every budget and goal objective. Not to toot our own horn, but sending out a pre-event email sharing your participation at MommyCon can get you a lot of buzz before you set foot into the event. We have an over 90% open rate from our attendees. 

Don’t forget your materials

You’ve packed up the van and are ready to go, but did you bring business cards? Does your table have appropriate signage? Do you have a way to capture attendee information? These not-so-little details can make or break your show experience. Don’t let the little things slip between the cracks.

Have a post-show plan

You’ve attended MommyCon and had a great time. Now what? Remember those email addresses you captured at your table? Send your new customers a thank you note. Remind them of who you are… yes, you, not just your brand. Chances are our attendees gave you their information, because they connected with one of the people at your table. Send them a short note thanking them for stopping by, and that you look forward to keeping in touch. Create a plan to make them lifelong customers and advocates for your brand.

Follow us on social media

We are chatty folks and use FacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedInPinterest, and more. Heck, we are even on Periscope and Snapchat sometimes. Follow us, engage with us, and we promise to follow back. If we don’t, give us a nudge.

As always, please reach out to us if you have any questions about making your MommyCon experience the best one yet. We love our #MommyConFamily and look forward to seeing you at an event soon. Thanks for reading “Exhibitor Guide: Eight Tips for Exhibiting Success.”