MommyCon :: Top 5 Self-Care Tips for the New Year

Top 5 Self-Care Tips for the New Year

self-care-eleanor-brownn-quoteEvery single day, we selflessly serve the needs of those that we love in our lives. Many of us give every single ounce of energy we have for the benefit of others. At the end of the day, it’s up to us to remember the importance of caring for ourselves as well and practice good self-care. Practicing regular self-care not only benefits our health but it allows us to continue to care for those we love. Below we are sharing a few easy ways to practice self-care in your daily life this year.

1. Shop for something new for you. Just this weekend I bought myself some new bras. My old bras were looking pretty drab, and the first day I wore one of the new bras I instantly felt more confident. tea-1778627_1920

2. Take some time away for some ME time. Whether this is taking yourself to the mall (see point #1), a nightly bubble bath or pouring yourself a cup of tea, a set amount of time that is dedicated on you will rejuvenate your spirits. If you don’t think you can get away completely, set 5 minutes of everyday as a time that you only focus on YOU.

3. Pamper yourself. Whether it be that bubble bath I talked about in point #2 or lathering yourself in a new lotion, make sure you are giving your body some much needed TLC. If you can swing it, book yourself a message. If you cannot, maybe make the verbal statement that you will put on lip balm everyday.
4. Read a book, an article… read something. Read something that doesn’t start with Goodnight Moon. Whether it’s a mystery novel or something that will elevate your business journey, take a moment eachbook-1760998_1920 day to read some adult content, and let your mind soak-in adult literature in all it’s glory.
5. Give yourself credit. This is a big one, so much of self-care has to do with how you mentally feel. While points 1-4 are nice, they won’t truly improve your mindset on life if your mind isn’t well taken care of. Look at yourself in a mirror and proclaim “I am an amazing mother.” You are. Regardless of what your tactless MIL said at the Christmas dinner table, and the sanctimommy on Facebook can go to hell. You are an amazing mother. Give yourself a pat on the back.
However you choose to practice self-care, make sure you find the time for you. Those that love and care about you will understand the necessity for you to spend even a few minutes a day on you so that you can spend time caring for them. Share these tips with a friend and help them refocus some of their time on self-care in the new year.