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Top Gift Ideas for Women

christmas-balls-1891598_1920Looking for a truly meaningful and impactful gift for a woman in your life? Or maybe you are looking for something fun and unique? Our team got together to share what’s on the top of our wish lists for the holidays. Below you’ll find a unique mix of gift ideas to choose from for every woman and budget. 

vintage-1501595_1280Rest (aka sleep). The top gift that several members of our team would like is extra sleep and rest! This can include sleeping in one morning or taking a “day off” to relax and rest at home. Ideas for this include letting mom sleep in past the little one(s) getting up and bringing her brunch in bed once she’s awake or maybe dad and/or another family member take the kids out of the house for the day and on an adventure, allowing mom to rest, relax and binge on Netflix all day. A good way to gift it to her would be to print out the plan onto some nice paper, roll it up like a scroll with a ribbon and then include it in a basket full of her favorite food, drinks, magazines, etc. You could also gift her some nice soft slippers, a bath bomb and a new cozy blanket.

hotel-389256_1280A weekend getaway. A few of our team members expressed that they would love to spend a weekend by themselves or with their closest friends away from the kids and home. They would love some time to unwind, eat a meal in peace and quiet and not have to wait on anyone else for a few days. This one is a bit trickier to coordinate, but definitely doable! You could book her a two-night stay at a hotel in the nearest city or town you know she loves and gift it to her along with some goodies for the hotel room like a nice bottle of her favorite wine and fancy chocolates. Additional perks would be to get her private transportation to and from the hotel or gift cards for shopping and dining within walking distance to the hotel. If you are going the route of a weekend with her friends, we would recommend letting her plan it and helping her coordinate it all so that she definitely takes advantage of your special gift.

cleaning-268126_1920A whole house cleaning. One of our team members expressed that they would love to have someone hired to come in and clean the house from top to bottom. You can easily find a local company offering cleaning packages for your home and book them to come after the holiday craze as a surprise for your loved one. Some national brands include The Cleaning Authority and Merry Maids. Otherwise, there are tons of small, local cleaning companies that are usually really affordable and easy to schedule last-minute. Just ask a few friends or search on a local community page on Facebook. If you are on a really strict budget, you could look into just having certain areas deep cleaned (i.e. bathrooms) and then we would recommend looking into sending her out of the house for the day and having a relative and/or friend come over to help watch the kids while you clean the rest of the home yourself.

unicornonesie2A unique gift. Like this unicorn onesie! Who says dress-up is just for kids?! Moms like to have fun and wear onesie pajamas too!  This adult pajama topped the list for a couple of our team members as it is colorful, fun and cozy! It’s sold on Amazon with Free Prime shipping. The seller includes an easy to read sizing guide and the feedback from some of the buyers is that it runs a little short, so going a size up for a taller woman might be best. They offer a variety of styles to choose from, so if she’s not a “unicorn” and is more of a “bunny” or “one-eyed monster” you can choose one of those instead. We truly believe that the fun-loving, humorous woman in your life will love to open up this unique gift during the holidays!

kindle-update-1560728_1920A Kindle (or other eReader). One member of our team explained that when she nurses her son she likes to read books and that it is much easier to read one-handed and in a dimly lit room on an eReader versus a traditional book. This is really a great gift idea for many women as it gives them the ability to take books along with them anywhere they go (think impromptu naps in the car). Plus, it’s not new technology, so you can purchase a decent eReader for less than $100. We recommend ordering a Kindle and syncing it up to her Amazon Prime account. Then load it up with a book or two before you gift it to her. This gift also goes perfectly with the first idea we listed above.

hairdresser-489915_1920Gift card to her favorite nail or hair salon. One of our team members said this is always on the top of the list as it allows her to take care of herself (self-care is important!) and get some alone time. We recommend pairing it with a gift card to her favorite lunch/dinner spot and giving her a mom’s day out! Don’t know where she gets her hair or nails done or favorite restaurant? Just ask! It’s better than giving her a gift card she won’t use.

Thanks for reading our “Top Gifts for Women” gift guide! We enjoyed sharing with you all of these ideas. Remember you can mix and match any of them to make this holiday season truly special for a woman in your life! Happy Holidays!