MommyCon :: so you want to be a speaker now what?

so you want to be a speaker now what?

So You Want to be a Speaker Now What?



Being a speaker at direct-to-consumer events (like MommyCon) is a great way to get your message out to an engaged audience. Authentic, engaging topics are what talent departments seek out. With an incredibly large pool of applicants those in charge of selecting speakers at events have a lot of things they look for.

Be you. Be real. Be fun. Be educational. You’ve got this. This post can serve as a confidence boost or perhaps make you think about the key factors to speaking at an event. Well thought out plans will achieve the best results. Whether you are looking to speak as a resume booster, out of pure passion or as a means to bring home the bacon, this guide will help you understand what event professionals look for when selecting speakers. At MommyCon we contract over 200 speakers per year. We’ve learned a thing or two and are happy to share our newfound knowledge with you.


These are the top five things we look for at MommyCon.

1.The session submitted is relevant for our audience.

2. The title and description should be concise, to the point yet describe the session’s contents thoroughly.

3. If the speaker doesn’t have a video of them speaking that they offer an alternative for us to get a feel for their presentation style.

4. The speaker illustrates their competency and expertise in the topic.

5. The most IMPORTANT thing is that the potential speaker is prompt in their communication.

These are our top five tips for obtaining a sponsor.

1. You must illustrate your value proposition (if you don’t know what this is, click here) to the brand you are approaching. A brand wants to know why there is value in sponsoring your session. Sponsoring a speaker is a large investment for a brand and they will want to know that is worth their time, money and resources.

2. Find a brand to work with that is interested in reaching the market you are speaking to. If you are speaking to newly postpartum mother’s, that is an incredibly valuable target market. In your proposal to the brand, illustrating your knowledge of the target market is crucial.

3. Keep your proposal to the point. A proposal should not exceed one page and offer the brand a simple snapshot of your as a speaker (2-3 sentences + small headshot), a short title and description 3-5 sentences) for your session. Additionally you should include your sponsorship fee request as a flat rate number.

4. Be upfront with what you want to be paid. Do not include a price range unless specifically asked for one. If you need $500, $1500 or even $15,000 to conduct the presentation let this be known up front.

5. When calculating your speaker fee factor in all possible expenses. There is no bigger turn-off to be a brand/partner than having a speaker come back with more expenses after an amount has been agreed upon.

Best of luck and let us know if you’d like more advice and insight into speaking at events. To apply to be a speaker at MommyCon email talent (at) mommycon (dot) com. <— fancy, right?